Business Advertising in Our Free Essay

Published: 2018-12-29
Business Advertising in Our Free Essay
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The business of passing information about a product or an organization

Advertising entails the business of passing information about a product or an organization. It often targets a particular audience through the mass media platforms such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, the internet and outdoor displays and signs on vehicles. Advertising is used by individuals and organizations to promote their ideas, products, services and people. Advertisements can be used to reach a large target group or a small and specific segment. For example, large group audiences of fast-food customers are the target of a pizza hut advert while a Gulfstream jet advert targets a specific and specialized audience. This paper will focus on an advert that appeared on Fox Television on Sunday, 5th of February 2017 which featured Ford Motors products.

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The advertisement mentioned in the previous paragraph was a broadcast ad on Fox Television before the Super Bowl LI kickoff on Sunday the 5th of February 2017 in Houston. As a tradition, television has been a vital medium through which companies use to pass information to current and potential customers. To some extent, the preference for this avenue results from the fact that very many people can access television at the same time. Besides, television, at least in the United States can be viewed by millions of people which means that companies are more likely to reach a wider audience compared to another medium of communication. For instance, avenues such as radio and the internet may be localized or accessible to a limited number of people. However, some factors also played a role in the choice to air the ad on television on that particular day.

Ford focused on broadcasting the advert before a major sporting event in America which has a large following in America. Basket Ball and the Super Bowl are the major sporting competitions popular among Americans. For this reason, the advertising teams at Ford considered that, despite the high costs associated with using this medium, they would place the advert so as to reach a majority of Americans who were following their favorite sport on television. This way, they expect to create more awareness about the company's vehicles compared to the periods of normal programming.

Super Bowl

Perhaps another reason that motivated Ford to follow this strategy is the nature of the sporting event that was being aired on that particular day. Super Bowl is associated with a lot of energy and intensity. It is a league that has registered a lot of success, and people consider participants in these competitions as successful individuals. The choice of the occasion is a kind of metaphor which seeks to liken the reputation of Super Bowl to that of Ford. By choosing this event, the marketing team intends to pass a message that the usability of Ford products is high and, therefore, consumers cannot be disappointed by the ability of company's vehicles to deliver on their expectations. In addition, there are instances in the advert where characters are shown to play basketball. The position Basketball occupies in the American society portrays a picture of heroism and long-standing success. This is meant to assure customers of the stability of the organization and also that the future looks bright for Ford. In general, it encourages consumers to purchase Ford vehicles.

The advert, dubbed Go Further a slogan that has been used by Ford for a few years depicting how far the Ford brand is destined to go, is meant to showcase Ford's future. The ad showcases Ford's vision of diversifying into mobility products such as ride-sharing, bike-sharing, and self-driving cars in addition to its core business of manufacturing and selling cars, trucks and utility vehicles to individuals, companies and government entities. Ford seeks to show the public through the advert its current position and what the future holds for the company and its customers. In the advert, Ford is giving its customers assurance that they are not only thinking of the solutions of today but also those of the future.

The primary message that the advert intends to put across is the aspect of innovation. Over the years, innovation has played a vital role in making the lives of people better and comfortable. The individuals who appear in the ad seem to be entangled in some difficulty. Some are trapped while others are in isolation. However, the presence of Ford frees them. This is a powerful message in the sense that it seeks to persuade customers to run for Ford when they want to be rescued from danger. That is why in the advert, Ford products are seen to explicitly getting the characters out of their predicaments. For instance, a motorist whose car is stuck in snow is towed by a Ford pickup truck. In other words, if they choose Ford vehicles they would get comfort that results from innovation. Also, the message emphasizes that Ford changes its products to suit the current and future needs of its customers.

Ford vehicles

Another feature that comes out in the advert is the blue color. In literal uses, the blue color can imply stability or heavenly. For instance, the narrator in the advert mentions the sky. This color seems to suggest to customers that the use of Ford can lift their lives to the highest level possible. The blue color also represents the logo of Ford. The presence of this color tells present and potential customers that the company's product remains to be as attractive as ever in the motor industry. It is a brand of choice.

The ad uses audio texts and written texts to emphasize the quality of Ford vehicles. For instance, the use of the phrase Further Forward stresses that Ford gives a lot of focus on the future interests of the company and those of the customers. Music has also been included in the advert. It serves several purposes. For one, it gives the listeners that feel of engagement with the advert. When one listens to the advert, they cannot fail to connect with what is being mentioned because music has a way of urging listeners to pay attention of what is being said. The music emphasizes the message as it makes tunes be that can be memorable in the minds of viewers. Voice texts have also featured at the end of the advert. For instance, words such as faster, safer and easier aim to entice the listeners to the attractiveness of the new models of cars availed by the company and the satisfaction consumers can derive if they make the decision to use such vehicles.

The target audiences in this ad were Ford's current customers, their prospective future customers, and investors. Ford seeks to inform its present and potential future customers through the ad that they are committed to greater innovations that will make their lives better and comfortable. The advert also intends to inform Ford clients that Ford's services are promptly available whenever needed. The ad further aims to attract the attention of potential investors who may be willing to invest in the company by showcasing their innovations and plans for growth and diversification into mobility services.

Social and economic factors

Social and economic factors associated with consumerism are referred in the ad. Obviously, the advert targets those persons that hold a lot of regard to market trends such fashion and latest models of cars. These cars can be used for private purposes or commercial engagements. The appearance of people of varying ages indicates how Ford has managed to offer solutions to every individual in the society. Somehow, Ford seems to suggest that it does not matter who their customers but what is important is the ability of the customers to do business with the company. In other words, they do not discriminate against any segment of the American population. All the ad targets are people of a good income standing.

It, therefore, can be concluded that advertising, though costly, is a critical avenue in creating awareness about certain products and services. Ford recognizes that the further information goes into the population regarding its brands, the higher the chances of more sales. The company has acknowledged the significance segmenting its products to meet the different needs of various groups in the society. Overly, the ad succeeds in passing its message to public which is likely to have positive consequences on Ford's business in the near future.

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