Attending a Church Service, Essay Sample in Religion

Published: 2017-08-28
Attending a Church Service, Essay Sample in Religion
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Many Christians love attending a church service and love listening to the priests who are so dedicated while carrying out their rituals with care and passion. Rarely were they forced to engage in worship as in the case with other religions. People thus enjoyed the freedom of worship, making me so fascinated. I, however, observed without playing a part, because by bowing my head to pray and singing along would be in contradiction to my faith; it wouldnt just make me feel like a liar but a fraud. I also knew many congregants didnt care how I felt on the inside but was a bit uncomfortable and uneasy pretending to be something I was not.

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It made me shy away from church although was likely to accompany my friends during such services. At the church, one was prone to see graphics, drawings, crosses and the ambience making one feel the presence of God. It seemed disrespectful not bowing down while praying but found it hard to join along though I at times pretend I did. I came to learn how Christianity differed from my way of worship but could still communicate with God without fear as taught according to my religion. During the service, the congregants were assigned topics. There were normally two adults and a young guy carrying it out. With varying perspectives on the way the gospel impacted and changed peoples lives helped me learn more about Christianity from the faithful.

In spite of me a non-Christian, having attended a church service it made me appreciate the Christian way of worship. Initially, I didnt know much about Christians, but now I understand their way of worship.

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