Free Education Essay: College and Trade School

Published: 2020-04-27
Free Education Essay: College and Trade School
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For the period of their high school career, many students might start to question the significance of a college or trade school when actually someone can clear high school and secure some job. They may find themselves questioning, Why is it vital to go to attend trade or college school? For numerous high school learners, being able to instantly create an income especially after finishing high school is an appealing thought. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to persuade that trade or college school better after high school than just getting a job.

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First, the one significant answer to the above statement is a several opportunity. Contrary to the past generations, graduates of high school nowadays are incompetent to get the high-paying jobs that once existed. Many countries such as U.S. has their economy being changed from a manufacturing-grounded economy to that grounded on knowledge, thus, the significance of a college or trade education currently can actually be compared to that one of high school fifty years ago. It functions as the opening of enhanced alternatives and numerous opportunities. For this matter I would urge every student to consider college or trade school after high school that is just getting a job, it is very essential.

There are extra reasons to support the significance to go to trade or college school. When learners have the experience a post high school education, they have the chance to read books as well as listen to the instructors of to most specialists in their area of study. This inspiration encourages learners to reason well, probe, and explore novel ideas, which permits for extra development and growth which eventually provides college and trade school graduates with an advantage in the job market than their compatriots with high school education who just went for money. The significance of a college or trade school is also accentuated due to the ability to gain important resources at the time of your tenure (Peart, 2012). The further networks which are created during the college or trade school career, the numerous choices one will have during the period of the job hunt. When you concluded your job hunt and had landed a job. However, the significance of a college and trade schools has not ended. Having a college and trade school degree frequently offers the opportunity for greater promotion. As the antagonism to land a decent job is growing, it is highly unlikely to get a top paying job just with high school education. Several jobs that once needed their staff to be high school graduates now want certain college or trade school education because of their tremendously complex nature.

Finally, college and trade school is like a ladder to molding someone to become a responsible adult since for the initial periods; several persons are basically on their own (Peart, 2012). It is absolutely dissimilar from high school since you have to deal with the school thing as well as juggle your private time and financial state. They go away to trade or college school and face situations that they will likely pass when they lastly on their own. Therefore, it is better to attend trade and college school to acquire all these.

In the light of the above-mentioned points, it is can be concluded that it is essential for one to attend trade or college school after high school than just getting a job. Several opportunities, broader way of thinking, extra networking and finally a ladder to be a responsible adult are some of the best ways to persuade one to attend trade and college schools.


Peart, O. (2012). Life After High School: Traits That Help and Traits That Hurt. New York: DLite Press.

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