Arturo Perez-Reverte Gutierrez Is a Spanish Journalist and Novelist. Paper Example

Published: 2023-08-23
Arturo Perez-Reverte Gutierrez Is a Spanish Journalist and Novelist. Paper Example
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Arturo Pérez-Reverte Gutiérrez is well known for his film-based novels outside Spain, for instance, the Queen of the South.

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Currently, he is a member of the Royal Spanish Academy.

The movie was developed by M.A. Fortin & Joshua John Miller and premiered on USA Network, an adaptation of the telenovela La Reina del Sur.

Correspondence concerning this movie should be addressed to M.A. Fortin & Joshua John Miller, screenwriters, and producers.

Contact: USA Network


The paper intends to illustrate the role played by the media, such as the entertainment industry, enhancing globalization. The mass media facilitates economic, political, cultural exchanges, norms, behaviors, as well as the various movement of information between several countries and communities. The facilitation of these aspects is done through television programs and shows, music, films, and other media communication platforms. For instance, the analysis of the Queen of the South film was broadly conducted to exemplify the various aspects of American globalization. The movie narrates a story of a woman by the name Teresa Mendoza, who unwillingly run away to seek protection in the United States of America, after the murder of her boyfriend, a drug-dealer. Progressively, during the process, she gangs with the former colleagues to counter the drug trafficking leader looking after her. Moreover, the film has adequately portrayed the United States of America as a superior nation to the rest of the world due to her advances in modern technology. It concurrently depicts particular social behaviors currently experienced in the contemporary generation.


By definition, globalization refers to the comprehensive networks and linkage of various aspects concerning political, economic, cultural, and social interconnections, and particular processes which extend beyond the national boundaries (Yalcin, 2018). Similarly, globalization is responsible for the influence of specific social behaviors between several countries in the world. Moreover, it is the most effective platform, which facilitates the cultural exchange, and other multiple forms of information in different societies and communities in various parts of the world through the rapid advancement of films, television programs, and other new technologies (Matos, 2012). Particularly, Hollywood, the most effective and accessible film industry in America and the universe, has triumph in marketing and selling the American culture, norms, and social behaviors to the rest of the world, in the form of television shows, films, and other media communication platforms.

The paper intends to examine American new social-cultural behaviors and beliefs, social interconnections, modern civilization, cultural practices, and political concepts. Primarily, on the social-cultural acts, it portrays particular negative actions, for instance, the involvement of drug trafficking with inevitable consequences. Moreover, the film proves that some social-cultural behaviors and crime perhaps might turn to be or creates an employment opportunity. Besides, it demonstrates the fact that the bad in society or the community might be very good.

Literature Review

Background information

Where was the film or television show made? According to Braga et al. (2017), the Queen of the South television series features the narrative of Teresa Mendoza, the struggling and poor woman who became the most significant drug trafficker in the entire Western hemisphere. The movie was made in America and air by USA Network in June 2016 to present. The series begins with the story involving the murder of Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) boyfriend in Mexico, as a result of drug trafficking. After the killing, she runs away unwillingly in an attempt to escape from the deadly drug dealers and seeks refuge and protection from the United States of America. Furthermore, the film explains how Teresa Mendoza meets and integrate with new friends and mates in America, one of them being Camila Varga (a narco leader) henceforth, learning new tricks and techniques of the business and setting up strategic plans to take over and rule the industry (Braga et al., 2017).

How does this media illustrate globalization?

Moreover, the film contains scenes that exemplify the political aspects of globalization. There is an unanticipated cultural criticism, where Teresa Mendoza progressively rises from a lower class of poverty into power. She was just a mere girlfriend of a drug trafficker, however through her sharpness, knowledge, and advanced technology, she was able to escape, find new friends, acquire new tricks and skills, making her the head and the Queen of the drug trafficking. Additionally, she became the most potent and top-ranked leader of the group.

The Queen of the South movies explains the rise of feminine leadership. Through all the scenes, Teresa Mendoza is the newest female hero and the main actor in the film. For many years ladies are not seen as the leaders, but the scenes on the film appear to bring about forced changes and self-sufficiency as a result of globalization. It disapproves the all-time critics and the norms about female leadership.


How the film plays a role in globalization

The movie illustrates social interconnection beyond the boundaries, the political aspects, and the exclusive democratic culture. Thus, the globalization themes portrayed in television series are adequately linked to globalization's political, social interconnection and integration, and cultural interpretation. It involves the transmission of ideas, co-values, and meanings via the global platform to intensify and expands social relations (Mirrlees, 2013). Besides, media, for instance, the film industry, has played a critical role, specifically in uniting the world. The unity results from the social relations perceptions as well as the political and cultural transitions which go beyond the national boundaries (Yalcin, 2018).

How does the film or television show depict the United States? The movie Queen of the South exemplifies America as an exceptional nation with advanced technology, portraying the modern civilization, political practices, as well as the democratic culture practices, which allow feminine leadership unlike other countries in the world. In the movie, Teresa Mendoza, a Mexican woman, got hooked up with a drug trafficker member, who was later killed. The film is adapted from the telenovela La Reina del Sur, and it depends on the crime and violence to create and hold the viewers' attention (Braga et al., 2017). Teresa Mendoza has a fighting spirit, and she struggles to keep off the deadly traps and save her life.

The female hero portrays a different perspective of scrutinizing power, the drug effects, its dangerous evolution as well as its cost.

How does it depict other countries or nationalities? Globally, various communities have a different view of women and power. Women are always underestimated and are perceived not to be influential leaders, contrary to the opinion happening in the movie.

Distribution of the movie. Since the production of the movie, it has been distributed throughout the world, and it is highly rank movie series in the United States of America. The female leader, and the godmothers of the drug trafficking, violence, and crime scenes, as well as the use of modern technology, has drawn the attention of several people globally, resulting in the widespread of the film in the world.

Impact of the movie to the world. Furthermore, the movie has had a tremendous positive impact on other nations, regarding social interconnection and relations, as well as feminine leadership. The film narrates Teresa's difficult times, which she endures, and overcomes the norms and the cultural perspective concerning women in the industry and the communities globally.

Conclusion and Future Study

Mass media facilitates and enhances globalization through television programs and shows, films industry, and other media communication platforms. The film industry has played a significant role in exemplifying the American way of living, for instance, modern civilization, cultural practices as well as social interrelationships. For example, Queen of the South illustrates globalization issues about cultural, political, and social aspects. It explains the rise of feminine leadership despite the different artistic views and perceptions in the world. Lastly, while the movie depicts the positive impacts and the issues relating to globalization, it is also based on the Mexican drugs trade business, which features crime scenes and other scenes that are not favorable to underage or young kids.


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