Essay Sample on Arthur Miller's Play, The Crucible

Published: 2023-03-20
Essay Sample on Arthur Miller's Play, The Crucible
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Arthur Miller's play "The Crucible" identifies various characters responsible for the tragic events in Salem. However, in particular, Abigail Williams has been for the more significant part, responsible for the activities in Salem. The entirety of the blame is on her and her group. She is a vindictive and mean person who does not care about the people she hurts. The motives and actions of Abigail were influenced by the desire for power, fame, and becoming relevant in the community. Abigail was the first to accuse people of performing witchcraft acts. Abigail got attention after accusing innocent people of being witchcraft, which led to a massacre of innocent people in Salem. Events such as witch trials can be traced to Abigail as being the origin. Abigail in this play portrays the complex nature of character that she possesses. While there exist many characters in the Crucible who are responsible for the activities in Salem, certain characters can be traced and said to contribute a more significant part than others.Abigail and her friends at one time were caught and were afraid of the punishment that they would receive. Abigail in the Crucible was found with the group of girls trying to practice witchcraft. One of the girls was naked while another wore the cloth that was believed to be of witchcraft. They also tried various acts such as flying, which were linked to witchcraft. To deflect blame, Abigail started accusing other people of practicing witchcraft. Innocent people and all those accused of witchcraft in Salem were therefore arrested later executed.

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Abagail entering into an affair with John was one of the major turning points of Salem inhabitant's life. The relationship is one of the starters of misfortune events that occur in Salem. Abigail had an affair with Elizbeth's husband, John, and therefore wanted to kill Elizabeth. Abigail William drank chicken blood as part of a plot to kill Elizabeth. She hoped that through the death of Elizabeth, she would win John's love to her only. The Crucible also illustrates that John was thirty years of age while Abigail was seventeen years of age, which was evident that the affair was a taboo and a sin. John Proctor declared that the relationship was over between them, but Abigail tried to revive the romance they had.

Abigail portrays jealousy towards John's marriage when she talks evil of Elizabeth. Abigail would complain that Elizabeth was ruining her excellent reputation in the community. Abigail also accuses Elizabeth of destroying her relationship with John. She accused Elizabeth of using needles to stab her and sending spirits to her. Abigail was aware that she was committing adultery with a married person, but she, however, did not mind.

A consultation from the reverend in the Crucible makes Abigail divert the blame to Tituba. Abigail accuses Tituba of working with the devil. Tituba is forced to say what only the reverend and mates needed to hear. Abigail is also involved with stealing funds and later evading with it. Abigail also threatens to kill the girls if they dared talk to the guests who had visited their home. Abigail, therefore, portrays a picture of being manipulative and is a cause of trouble anywhere that she is present.

Abigail, in the play, proves that she is a controller of many characters. She feels that she is superior to others. Abigail in this play has numerous personality traits and a complex character Fueled by greed, Abigail proves that she will stop at nothing until she achieves her desires. Abigail uses the witch trials in Salem as a means to put out the displeasure that she had towards people. In the search for her vengeance, Abigail leads to the death of many innocent people in Salem. The jealousy and revenge of Abigail can be felt on how it affected Elizabeth's relationship. The envy also creates a lot of tension in John's marriage.

The Crucible play illustrates how the need for personal gain and greed can become out of control and affect a larger population. Through Abigail, the play shows how human beings can be forced to their limits and do things that are not of their will. Throughout the Crucible play, it is evident that Abigail's lies and accusations have caused a lot of pain and suffering to innocent people. Abigail never did seem to care for anyone except for the person whom she had an affair with, John Proctor.

In conclusion, Abigail Williams provided lies intending to protect herself. The lies also targeted to win John Proctor. It is evident in the play that the lies have contributed a significant part in ruining the community. Even after being caught in the act of witchcraft by her uncle, Abigail blames it on other people to look innocent. Abigail also committed adultery with Elizabeth's husband John and cursed Elizabeth. Abigail Williams, in the play, proves that she can carry out any act to achieve her goals and can hurt and blame anyone for deflecting any accusations and punishment.

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