Definition of Love Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-14
Definition of Love Essay Example
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Love as it is told is blind. It can cross over to places that are unimaginable. People say you find a home when you find love. Sometimes it is hard to love and other times it is easy to love. When a person is in love they tend to feel comfortable and free. But this always depends on the person who they are in love with. It is easy to love when the person you love loves you back but it is hard to love when the person that you love does not recognize your love. However love has no boundaries and will always go to those that do not love us back.

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Love has no boundaries because if you love a person, that feeling will always be with you no matter what happens. The distance cannot fathom or make a fence for your love towards the person. Circumstance that make people who love each other truly do not waver that love. There is always a way that makes the people come back together at the end. Family, distance, careers among other things are the circumstances that try to build boundaries between loves but this does not often work. The love in the heart always remains staunch if it is true. The differences between the people that fall in love always tend to be a big challenge. There however is always a way to make a compromise at the end of it all.

Several years back, as a teenager, love meant everything when a person found their true love or if they thought so. My sister was one of the lucky one in the process of finding love. However this happened in one of the weirdest circumstances. Loving somebody can be really a good thing if your goals are aligned. My sister met a man in college and they fell in love. It was true love. In their wake, they always found a way to ensure that they dissolved their arguments well and that they always stayed together and did all their activities together. The time for college was soon over and the two followed their career paths. At this point they tried to compromise but their plans hit a rock. Their lives belonged in different places if the excuse they gave to the world. Many years latter however, they locked paths and found themselves in the same city working. The feelings they had for each other in college were still in existence. They came together and build their family. The distance and the circumstances did not build a boundary for their love.

A boundary can be built due to fear when someone has suffered too much in the hands of another person. However, this boundary is always eliminated when it comes to true love. When a person finds the person they are meant for, they will always find a way to ensure that they do well by them. Regardless of how things can seem all wrong, the real and true love cannot be fenced away from who it is supposed to go to.

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