Public Health Nursing Essay Sample

Published: 2018-07-24
Public Health Nursing Essay Sample
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Influenza Outbreak

The recent outbreak of influenza has caused infection to around 20% of the population. The outbreak has caused negative impacts to our community economy. Influenza is a respiratory illness caused by a virus. Some of its signs and symptoms include fever, catarrh and severe aching in epidemics. It is airborne infections which can be spread can the infected person coughs or sneezes. Influenza patients usually need to eat lots of fruits and bed rests. At some conditions, they may take antiviral medicines such as oseltamivir.

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To minimize and prevent more influenza infections the government should isolate medical centers to admit the patients until they heal. It becomes easy to control more disease when the patients are confined in one place. This will help in medication process and also those prevent interactions with the patients. Vaccinating young children between 5 to 59 months is another way to avoid the spread. When children are vaccinated, their parents will not be forced to close their business so as to take care of them. Isolating those infected with influenza will speed up the healing process and enable them to go back to their working places within a short time. It is imperative to vaccinate the children and isolate those infected during the treatment period.

In the event where many children have been affected, the government, through the health sector should declare influenza flu vaccine a must. Day care owners should only host children free of the flu. They should avail medical practitioners at the care centers to vaccinate the uninfected children. All social events which the children are required to participate should be canceled until it is declared all those infected heal. This will prevent more infection among the children. Parents should be advised to take their children for vaccination.

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