Free Essay: Review and Summary of the Article Dedicated to the U.S. Government

Published: 2022-10-04
Free Essay: Review and Summary of the Article Dedicated to the U.S. Government
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Democracy has always been subjected to time by time changes concerning the value of the common good. Even though democracy has been a dominant idea for a couple of years, there are the needs for a change in the structural plans that should offset the dominant dictatorship regimes and the challenges that were brought up by the one-party government that lacked the voice of the society (Lewis, 2009). The value of democracy is advancing as people arrive at the fact that there is a need for the attainment of equal representation of the people despite the ideological differences and reduction of the choice of electors destroying and eroding the people's motivation to vote.

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The best constitution is supposed to give its people the freedom of expression. For that matter, Wright's (2012) article concerning 'Plato's Just State" is an improper constitutional plan since it does not give the citizens the right to express themselves freely. Plato's text shows that egalitarianism characterizes some aspects that are irrelevant in championing for development by creating a world of free minds (Drutman & Teles, 2015). On the other hand, Lewis (2009) outlines that democracy is the worst form of government as the majority is not always right in matters involving diverse populations (Lewis, 2009). Various factors contribute to the mismatch of the aspects that result in justifiable outcomes. Democracy has been found to be incapable of solving the problems of the people with the gaps in the education system (Drutman & Teles, 2015. Mark outlined that there are various controversies in the democracy that needs to be corrected through a system of checks and balances. The best democracy is the one that enables its citizens to express themselves freely.

Justice is the key reason for carrying the constitution through a system of checks and balances. The modern-day society values freedom and justice other than any other thing. For that matter, Write offers grounds for studying the aspects that a constitution should uphold with specific duties and obligations that enhance a harmonious life.

The political system that is used in China is a better leadership system that produces a chance for the formal training of the leaders (Wright, 2012). The US constitution should be carried through a system of checks and balances to provide an effective way of avoiding corruption scandals and improper representation of the people. The article necessitates the need for democracy to be judged by competing systems by the results that they yield (Wright, 2012). There should be a better platform for the democracy to give room for a system to choose the most preferred laws concerning the societal structures, cultural values and beliefs. The article, however, does not provide grounds for a reasonable plan for getting better laws for individual states and whether Federal powers should supersede state power.

The article also outlines that picking a policy that does not guarantee the best service to a nation thus there is a need to enhance the American Constitution in the plight of developing the political system and the deliverables of the national politics (Wright, 2012). It has also been outlined that economists and the civil servants of a nation are key figures for the development of a nation's politics.

With the fact that the American democratic system has always been viewed to be the most established political system, various flows happen which portray that the system requires massive changes concerning enhancing inclusivity and proper representation of the people. Recently, NYC carried out elections that required a better board of elections that could confirm that the election was free and fair(Wright, 2012). The current political system has been on the spot with the allegations that have lately become a fact that there was rigging in the 2016 elections. The fact that democracy is an ongoing developmental process of the nation's political system, there is the need to ensure that the constitution is developed through checks and balances that should be focusing on the weaknesses portrayed by the election processes taking place in the American system (Wright, 2012). Therefore, it essential for the US to inform the creators of the checks and balances of the factors to be considered in the advancement of the political system.

The American Constitution has always been a source of pride for the US citizens since they are the most protected people in the world by their constitution that stipulates some amendments that tend to uphold the rights of each in the nation. Moreover, the US amendments allow each state to perform anything they want to do so long as it aligns with what the Constitution stipulates (Wright, 2012). For instance, in New York, there was a recent election carried out which did not involve the Federal government. The most critical precedent is the privilege to practice the popularity based right that is allowed to each in every one of the States that is 18 years or more paying little mind to sexual orientation, gender or race (Wright, 2012). According to Wright, Plato's aspects concerning the constitutions should be studies with a master plan to enhance the former deliverables of the constitution (Drutman & Teles, 2015). Some systems restrict power imbalances that are named as separation of powers. Separation of powers portrays that there are frameworks of balanced governance that are utilized to shape the alterations and to influence them to line up with the inclining issues in the country and the world.

Moreover, the U.S. government is made out of three branches; the administrative, the legal branch and the Executive. Concerning Drutman and Teles (2015) article, the Judiciary branch is made out of the Supreme courts, the area courts, and the government courts. The legal is the branch in charge of checking on laws that are made by the assembly, and it settles question raised among states and the national government. Wright's analysis of Plato's Just State concepts portrays the need to consider the system of checks and balances to be a relevant process. For that matter, Gonzales (2015) attested that in the United States government, there are a series of systems that exercise power on different issues in the nation thus maintaining its capabilities and position as the topmost political and government system in the world. With the incorporation of Plato's concepts, the constitution should find a way of protecting cultural heritage through checks and balances (Fine & Levin-Waldman, 2016). There are systems of checks and balances that is within the named three branches of government (Wright, 2012). As stated earlier, the framers of the constitution made it possible for separation of powers as the ultimate goal of checking the authorities granted to key figures of the government to avoid abuse of office and misuse of power. Also, the system of separation of powers helps in checking the aspect of the aversion of power. The purpose of separating the branches is to allow for the process of agreeing on acting, and it is further strengthened by the use of 'checks and balances.'

During that year, President Dwight D. Eisenhower failed to come to terms with the Congress whenever a significant decision was to be made about the budget. Lewis (2009) attested that the inability to agree led to a shutdown of all the meetings that were held until an amicable conclusion was made. Since then, the aspect of coming to terms with a mutual a friendly and ethical conclusion has taken place the aspect of a dictatorship thus has enhanced the process of checks and balances and separation of powers.

A system of checks and balances portray that they assist in separating powers. Fine and Levin-Waldman (2016) acknowledged that the various branches of the government are authorized to allow or reject any amendment regarding the rule of man. Checks and balances occur when branches disagree with the other branch. The checking helps to avoid abuse of power and to limit the members from exceeding their authority. For instance, the Congress and the president agreed and passed the Affordable Care Act, but the Supreme court limited the Medicaid since the Congress and the president exceeded their powers and authority due to the disillusion that they would lose their federal payments (Lewis, 2009). Thus, the process of ensuring that there are reliable checks and balances and the overall aspect of holding branches accountable for their mistakes is a paramount process that protects the law against the passions and greed of man. The American constitutional strength is maintained through vetoes and hearings.


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