Literary Essay Example on Anna Karenina

Published: 2019-10-16
Literary Essay Example on Anna Karenina
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One of the amazing short stories by the Russian writer who was named Leo Tolstoy; the short stories writer was born in eighteen seventy seven in aristoric Russian family, he was well known for his novel by the name war and peace which was written in eighteen sixty nine, in his writing records he was best known to be the king of short stories , one of the most beautiful and awesome love story that he authored is Anna Karenina (Tolstoy and Eguiguren). This is generally a love story that tries to explain a love triumph that is dominated by heartbreaks, love, forgiveveness and love for money.

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The love stories at the center of Anna Karenina seem to portray that all that glitters is not gold. The 18-years- old Kityy is confronted by two suitable suitors namely Vronsky and Levin but the girl believed that preffered latter, who objectively charming and handsome. On the other hand, Vronsky is eager to mary Ann on agreement that she agrees to leave her husband Karenin, a senior govement official (Tolstoy 40). Ann blindly falls in Vronsky trap where she accompanies him to Italy and they spend time together, while in Italy they have trouble making friends. On returning back to Russia, Vronsky seems to be avoiding Anna and the same time, he has overtly flirted with Kitty, but at the end, he leaves both of them heartbroken. Levin, on the other hand proves to be a reliable partner for kitty although he appeared eccentric to the general public. (Tolstoy)

Anna Kerenina who is the main character portrays that true love realy exist. Ann risks everything under her disposal, including her own life for the sake of true love, but later we learn that the parsuit turned to be fatal, this general shows a passionate character of unconditional love. Amid of the dramatic scenes in this book, there is a good deal of happiness for Ann. Levin had a crush on Kitty the first time he laid his eyes on her, although he admittedly had a crush on her sister too, he continues to pursue her even after being rejected several times. The two faces some challenges at the beginning of their marriage but later stabilizes and they create a pleasant life together (Tolstoy 79).

This short story tries to portay how forgiveness have played a better part especially when it comes to trying to restore the lost love. Karenin forgives her wife Ann even after cheating on him with Vronsky with whom she end up getting pregnant for him.

Rushing into marriage is probably not a wise move. Tolstoy may not have projected such trend in his marriage, though he experienced such difficulties while they were still in a serious relationship. Levin, age 32 as shown in the novel marries the latest and lives happily, although they experience some difficulties in the first three months of their marriage. Kitty decides to fall in love with Levin an ordinary individual who worked in his estate whose setting was closely tied to his struggle and spiritual thoughts.their marriage ended up being succesfull. Above all , when it comes to unconditional love, Karenin showed that she is willing to do anything for love and he loves unconditionally.

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