Paper Example: Anna and the Magic Medallion

Published: 2023-01-30
Paper Example: Anna and the Magic Medallion
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Once upon a time, in the magical land of Neverland, there existed a kingdom ruled by a generous king and his two sons, Mathew and Stephen. King George had no daughter but was married to two women who were in a constant fight on who was the apparent heir to the king's throne. Indeed, Mathew was different from his brother Stephen; he had a unique sense of humor, and personality while Stephen was a straightforward individual who believed that he could treat others in any way he wanted without anyone questioning his orders. One day, while the brothers were out in the woods hunting, Stephen killed a unicorn, and according to their traditions, these were rare creatures, filled with purity and blessings, but even after his brother warned him, he went ahead and killed the animal.

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In a hurry to show his father and mother, he dehorned the animal and carried the horn back to the palace filling proud of his achievements. Once at the castle, and after presenting the trumpet, his father king, rather than celebrate with him, he was told that he had made the greatest mistake of all time. Moreover, he had just lost his position as the next King of Never-land, since he never respected nature and the opportunity presented to him by the fairy gods and guardians to protect the only creature praised, adored, and worshipped because it promoted purity, love, kindness, and greatness of the kingdom. Hearing the news, Stephen left home without the consent of the king in search of an answer, not knowing what he was about to face. His father sent for noble brother Mathew and gave him the task to seek Anna, a young lady with the magical powers to communicate with nature.

Mathew left for the neighboring village in search of Anna. He was dressed as a commoner since the word was out on Stephen's sacrilegious act and none of the royalties were safe since the entire community believed that they had condemned the land to death and chaos. Upon reaching the neighboring village, Mathew approached an old, ugly, and starving lady in the streets and offered her all the bread he had. While he walked away, the woman told stated that he was the only royalty worthy to sit on the Never-land crown. Heading little to what the woman reported he continued until he located Anna, a young woman given the ability to speak with animals, but only through the use of her special medallion left to her by the late mother as her inheritance. Their first meeting was not pleasant since Anna though that Prince Stephen was after her magic medallion not knowing that she was the only one with authority to will the mystic power of the medallion.

After listening carefully to Mathew and the issue at hand, Anna accepted to help and immediately the two left for the no-return Mountains since it was the place they would receive the solution. It was a place that no man or woman had managed to go and come back alive. With the help of the medallion and her horse known as Max, Anna conversed with different creatures such as bird, squirrels, antelopes, and monkeys, among others. They were seeking the audience of the only unicorn alive and were only found beyond the no-return Mountains. While on their journey, Stephen and Anna faced challenges such as the hypnotizing snake that made them waste time since they were unaware of its mystic powers, but time after time her magical control and authority over the medallion made them succeed. Finally, they met the last unicorn left alive, protected by other creatures since it was the balance of life according to the beliefs.

With humility and respect, they all kneeled before the creature when Anna stretched her hand to offer back the medallion. After placing it down at the watermark, Anna told Mathew that it was her duty to restore the balance of life to Neverland and only the medallion could do that. Immediately, a strange wind blew across the valley a sign that the last unicorn had accepted the gift. While still on one knee, Anna received a message that peace will only be restored to the land if Stephen was to be burnished since his thoughts were unclean even after defiling the land.

Nonetheless, Mathew accepted any form of punishment from the mystic beings on behalf of his brother, but it was not accepted since he was to succeed his father and his wife was to be Anna. He was shocked and without believing he made to see the future of his brother. Indeed, it was out of his control since after the brother left to try to make matters right, he and his army took the wrong path and were ambushed by a rival kingdom. While returning home, Mathew and Anna went straight and presented what the unicorn told them to the king. Fortunately, the king already knew the answer his son was to show since history had repeated itself. A week later, a message came that Stephen tried to escape but was killed in the process. Mathew got married to Anna and ruled his father's kingdom in peace and harmony.

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