Free Essay: African American Individuals and Families Have Positive Self-Images

Published: 2022-02-25
Free Essay: African American Individuals and Families Have Positive Self-Images
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The family upbringing profoundly impacts the development of positive self-image among children. African American children especially adolescent needs proper family guidance and support to boost their self-image. Parents need to be taught on the best strategies to apply in building a healthy relationship, communication, and understanding (Hall, 2010). In high school and colleges, the children are likely to face many challenges based on race thus the parents need to instill them with coping techniques for overcoming the barriers. Parents need to communicate to their children and discuss issues affecting them. According to (Hall, 2010), many African children have reported high esteem manifested in their education and social life. High enrollment in the STEM courses shows that skin color no longer threatens the African American children. Families help their children identify their identities and talents (Hall, 2016).

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Mother-adolescent communication help to internalize problems. It is through such support that the parents help their children solve psychological issues. Family support determines the knowledge, attitude and practices of children as they grow (Elmore & Gaylord-Harden 2013. Research shows that African American parents relate well with their children by giving them moral support hence making them grow in high esteem in a racially biased society. Family support minimizes children's risks like stress, anxiety, and depression.

Parents have the responsibility of modeling their children and instilling them with positive behavior. According to Elmore and Gaylord-Harden (2013), parents need to utilize positive parenting measures to improve their children behaviors. Teaching children on healthy racial-socialization makes them grow up strong with high esteem in a white-dominated society. Adolescents need to be informed of different social status as a way of strengthening their confidence and knowledge concerning class status. The information will help them survive in school without trying to compete with the rich hence boosting their esteems (Elmore & Gaylord-Harden 2013).

Every parent must ensure their children grow healthy physically and assure them of safety. R4search conducted by Institute of Medicine Research and National Council, 2015 shows that healthy children have high self-esteem. Thus, parents need to create a robust communication with their children to develop a foundation for positive self-image and esteem for the children.


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