Business Essay Sample on the Walmart's Case Studies

Published: 2022-03-29
Business Essay Sample on the Walmart's Case Studies
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Has the commerce had any negative publicity and precise actions?

The company has been through some bad publicity on work relations following a central appeals court said that they had one of the biggest gender discrimination. According to the federal court, Wal-Mart female workers were to continue with the lawsuit. These employees were requesting a huge a sum of money amounting to billions of dollars for the harm caused to women by coating the less than men and endorsing fewer females into management positions. In a regulatory filing, the company asserted that unfavorable ruling could lead to liability material to the financial state of the company. For the first time in history, this scenario resulted in the reduction of sales just like other retailers for three successive quarters. The net sales reduced in the fourth- quarter for the first time since the forty one year ago when the company went public. Supermarkets took a number of the loyal customers. Wal-Mart has started pushing in urban areas in an attempt to increase sales, and it has not been easy for the retailer. The Bangladesh Rana Plaza building left more than 1100 people dead.

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Has your firm joined efforts to maintain high workplace standards?

The company has joined efforts to maintain high work standards. There exist high standards of employee dignity and health in their operation, and they encourage dependable sourcing practices in the entire global supply chain. The company believes that every individual has the right to secure and healthy environment that does not have coercion. All the existing risks are recognized by Walmart and the essence of supporting workers in the global chain. Through their responsible sourcing program and shared initiatives, the company aims at promoting respect and self-awareness for the men and women they sell their products. There are safety measures in electricity, fire, and structures. These safety measures work to profit and strengthen employees, their families, surrounding community and business. They work by encouraging dependable practice in the supply chain worldwide and paying attention to health, environmental and safety conformity in their operations. Providing what workers need enables the supply of products to remain, and the quality improves tremendously. Wal-Mart Clients always desire products that tend to be sustainable not only for the environment but also the individuals who produced them.

Has your company subjected statements in the wake of the Bangladesh building collapse?

Wal-Mart Company has issued statements as a result of Bangladesh collapse which took place in 2013. The largest retailer national wide produced a list that exceeded 200 factories and declared that it had banned them from manufacturing the merchandise. This was as a result of severe and recurrent safety issues, violation of labor and unauthorized subcontracting. The company also barred the Bangladeshi garment factory Mars Apparels from manufacturing products. However, over the past year, Mars has been said to frequently being responsible for shipping a variety of sports bra to Walmart. Another Bangladeshi clothing maker known as Simco dresses has also banned from production but it after two months it went on shipping to Walmart. These shipment increase questions about the aptitude of Walmart in monitoring its supply chain and at the same time and the efforts it puts to make certain there is a good working environment in factories.

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