Free Essay Dedicated to Angelina Jolie

Published: 2019-09-10
Free Essay Dedicated to Angelina Jolie
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Angelina Jolie is a well-known actress and filmmaker all over the world; she has been acting in several Hollywood movies. She was born on 4th June 1975 in Los Angeles in California, her father and mothers names were Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand respectively, and Jolies brother was James Haven. Her father was also an actor who also won Academy Award. Angelina Jolie got her acting interest when she joined Les Strasberg Theatre Institute where she used to be a model at the age of 14, and she appeared in different small videos. She played an influential role in TV movies called True Women and George Wallace, there she won Globe Award and a nomination called Emmy (Michel and Angie 110). Angelina Jolie became famous when she acted blockbuster movies Lara Croft that made her get an Oscar-Winning actress. The paper is going to explain the reasons why one should meet Angelina Jolie, after meeting her is there any change in the persons life and the importance of her in someones life.

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Most people are struggling to be famous, for it is an interesting thing to be known all over the world. In any case, one is given a chance to be famous even just for a day; that person cannot let go that opportunity. As we know, Jolie has different life experiences, and for her to reach where she is, she worked harder to achieve that. Just meeting with her for a day may create a significant change in my life (Mostafanezhad and Mary 27). I can ask her several questions about how she managed her career with the family, what it takes to be an executive and the courage she had that made her act the movies. I can manage to get an answer to several questions that crosses my mind when I watch the movies. For instance, are these movies for real because some are so risky and frightening? All my doubts will be over, and a new picture about the movie will be created in my mind.

Jolie can make ones life change because of her motivations and courage. She spoke about her therapy and claimed that she needs none because of the roles she chooses in life, in that case, I can also have that courage if I copy from that quote. As a woman, she has demonstrated to all women that they can make their dreams come to reality. I can know how to take care of the poor and people who are suffering, remember her humanitarian work at Cambodia where she helped 400,000 people (Chouliaraki and Lilie 15). By doing this to the society will create, public awareness and everyone will be having the interest of meeting me.

Angelina Jolie means a lot to me because she is my role model. I look to her for most of the things that I do; I would be bold like her and for the things that I have and would work harder in everything that I am doing. When I have an opportunity to help out, I will do it just the way she did. Most people spend their wealth in entertainment and their benefits but forgetting about the poor and the needy. Spending time with her can make me copy most of the things she is doing for instance, how she is behaving when she is around different people both in public and private places.

After meeting Angelina Jolie, there will be an enormous change in several peoples lives and her as their role model there will be a lot of attachment to the individual and her. When we work hard in life, we can be like those people we are looking up to. The truth is, they did not just sit there to be where they are rather they went for it. Being a public figure in the media creates a big chance for one to be famous and it is imperative to behave well for that to happen. One should know how to relate to the people and once the goal is set, should work towards the goal.

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