Paper Example. Android Versus iPhone

Published: 2023-12-11
Paper Example. Android Versus iPhone
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Android and iPhone are two types of mobile technologies that use different operating systems to run their operations on devices such as tablets and smartphones. Mobile technologies have different interface and mobile features that influence the use of the devices and how the user is able to customize the operating systems. The design of the operating system influences the user experience. Android is the most popular operating system used by different companies that manufacture mobile devices to run their devices. The paper discusses the differences and similarities between Android and iPhone and their functionality.

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The usability of mobile devices is the key factor that distinguishes Android and iPhone, where the android operating system is more user friendly in terms of people being able to learn how to use android devices. The android interface allows users to easily learn how to use the devices regardless of their intellectual capacity (Cassinda, 2020). The usability makes android devices to be integrated with different applications and software that serve different purposes according to the needs of the user. Android is open to manipulation by software developers to serve user needs. Medical developers are able to develop software and incorporate them into android devices to meet medical needs. Health information management uses technology to facilitate information management and sharing among healthcare stakeholders.

iPhone usability is a bit complicated when compared to Android, where the user needs to have basic knowledge of how its user interface. The lack of compatibility with different applications has made iPhone unpopular among mobile manufacturers and software developers. For developers in the medical field have to embrace an operating system that is popular among the people and has easy access by the majority of the people (Vaughan-Nichols, 2020). An android operating system is designed in a manner that developers in different fields, such as in healthcare information systems, are able to integrate their programs and use Android to achieve their goals. There is little improvement done on the iPhone because their operating systems are closed to manipulation that might lead to more innovations and improvement.

Security is another important factor that distinguishes the Android and iPhone. iPhone is more secure to the user where its applications are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. Devices that use the iPhone operating system are more secure when compared to an application that runs on an android operating system (Ismail, 2020). A medical coder is concerned about the security of data that is shared across the health information management systems. Users that use the iPhone do not lose their data, or the data is accessed by unauthorized people even when the devices get lost because of the security of the operating system through encryption. Healthcare-related information is very sensitive and needs to be secured from unauthorized access.

Software developers including in the medical field, consider the future of the software they use in terms of where the software will become more people and serve their purpose. The more people use the software, the better because the software will serve their purpose (Ismail, 2020). Android is more popular than the iPhone in terms of the number of people that use devices that run either of them in their devices. Developers would consider integrating their programs on Android because their target audience is likely to access the programs and use them for the intended purpose. Android is the main convenient operating system for all the stakeholders because of the usability of all the stakeholders.


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