Creative Writing Essay Example: The Werewolf Experience

Published: 2022-10-21
Creative Writing Essay Example: The Werewolf Experience
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For the most part, I thought of werewolves as just a word play to mean as humans 'we are wolves' somewhere inside us. One night I was seated playing a new werewolf game that had just come out. The transformation graphics where so life like that you could not help but be engrossed in the game. I played the whole night and vowed to wake up and devour it the next morning. So, I decided to lay the game aside and lay my stick like limbs to rest.

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The next morning I woke up to the usual golden glow of the sun from my massive bedroom window. I still wonder why they made it so. Anyway, I climbed out of bed and the first thing I felt was muscular. It was like I had been working out the whole night lifting weights and doing crunches. My mirror confirmed my feelings and I looked a little more buff than before. I had significantly larger biceps now and my core was like that of a Greek god. I felt hungry.

The kitchen has always been close to my room. So, I ran there and what I did made me more conscious of the changes I was experiencing. It was like a hunger and a craving at the same time. I opened the freezer and took out a raw rib of pork I had gotten some nights earlier. I got the pan and some oil from the shelf just above my head. And then I put the pork rib in my mouth-raw. My brain wanted to cook the meat but my body craved raw bloody meat. Very-well-done, everybody knew that that was how I liked my meat. This new change in taste was peculiar. I finished the rib of pork and put the unused oil and pan back in the shelf.

It was only five days later that I noticed the other changes. My hearing became extremely sensitive to an extent that I could hear an ant crawl on my bedroom walls. I could also hear people talking and clearly make out what they were saying from far. It was fun to listen in on people's conversations from time to time. I also stopped putting my light on whenever I woke up I the middle of the night I only noticed this change the second time it happened when found myself in the study looking for a book in complete darkness. I could see clearly in the dark. It was like a clear black and white kind of vision. The kind you get when a polaroid is transformed into black and white. Clear, but colorless. I wondered what changes where going to come next.

My life as programmer meant that I spent most of my time in the house doing some pragmatic coding. On the weekend that I went out with friends, they also noticed the changes. They thought that I had started working out and eating more protein content. I even got complements from several female colleges. I had a good time in the bar listening to conversations with the super hearing I had recently been gifted with. I had no idea the things to come.

On Sunday night, I woke up in the middle of the night. I was not sure what I was doing but the howling of wolves in the nearby park was keeping me awake. I wanted to join the wolves. In my brain, I knew that this was weird but my legs walked to the park without my control. It was like my body had a mind of its own. The closer I got to the howling wolves the more peculiar I felt.

I started to feel my nails growing and my feet where becoming larger. My shoes did not fit me. I took them off and started to feel my canines growing and pressing against my lips. It was nothing like the movies. I was still upright but everything else in me felt primal. The closer I got to the howling the more erotic I felt. I heard the cry of what I made out to be a female wolf. I felt myself get very aroused. I had never felt this kind of thing before. I got close to the she-wolf and she got close to me. I got behind her and pushed her body close to mine. It was then that she whispered, "Too late, I wish you had heard the howls earlier." The sun came up from above us and I noticed that there were five people around me. Two of them I knew as my neighbors but the girl and the others I did not recognize.

It goes without saying that I had become a member of a group of extra-ordinary people around me. The meeting was going to be one of the many that we would have while I learned the secrets of the secret society I had just become a part of.

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