Arrest Affidavit to the Judge for Criminal Michael j. Danzig

Published: 2023-01-10
Arrest Affidavit to the Judge for Criminal Michael j. Danzig
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I am Officer Ted Gene of Alexandria Police Department. I have been empowered to carry out investigations and make several arrests. I have a bachelor's degree in criminal law with the specification in homeland security. I also hold a certification in criminal procedure provided by the Alexandria Police Department dealing with justice. In the time when I have been keeping this position as an officer, I have successfully investigated more than 300 cases dealing with criminal injustices. Working together with my team, we have successfully made more than 200 arrests. Therefore, as a result of the knowledge that I have acquired from my studies as well as the experience I obtain from the field, I am more familiar with various crimes such as bank robbery, drug trafficking, or car theft.

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This affidavit has been submitted solely to establish the probable cause for the crime involving Columbia bank robbery. It is significant to note that the information and facts in this affidavit have been based on the personal knowledge that I have acquired throughout my career.

The facts that are provided in this affidavit come from my observations and that of my partner at the time when the bank robbery was taking place. Our experience and training and information acquired from the significant informant, Det. Daniel Thornton. The primary purpose of this affidavit is showing that there exist sufficient probable causes that may guarantee the arrest of the suspect Michael J. Danzig.

Detailed Narrative of the Crime

On today's date, an investigation led by FBI SA Tamara Raddison verified that after three robbers stole the bank, they managed to escape from the bank using a stolen vehicle, and they kept on switching vehicles, and they drove to their residence which is located at 234 Denham Lane. After the robbery, the three robbers reached their resident using a car that is believed to be owned by Danzing who has registered the vehicle in alias "James Winston." Danzing is also found renting the residence that they are staying in through making use of the same alias. The three suspects that are associated with the bank robbery at Columbia are; Michael Danzig (bank robber number 1), Jonathon Menton (bank robber number 2), and Jay Nicholas Bryant (bank robber number 3).

On today's date, my affiant was dispatched to investigate the robbery of the national bank of Columbia. Upon arrival, the affiant was met and got briefed by FBI Tamara. FBI Tamara advised that at around 8: 00 AM, three suspects entered the bank when they were dressed in the grey coveralls and used rubber masks to cover their faces and heads. All three suspects were seen as being armed as they had AK-47. Each of the three suspects had a style assault rifle. One of the three suspects was seen filling off severally into the bank's ceiling. There was the one suspect who went ahead into jumping onto the branch manager's desk where he ordered all the present customers and the workers of the bank to make sure that they comply with the demands that they had. That bank robber 1 was the one who ordered the complying with any request given from the three suspects. The bank robber 1 acted like he was the leader among the three suspects and he went ahead demanding that bank robber two be allowed to access the teller stations on the rear that were behind the counter adjacent to the vault of the bank. The bank robber 3 stood as he carefully watched over the lobby region of the bank whereas bank robber 2 started filling back canvas duffle bag with the currency that was available from the vault and teller stations. After a few minutes of the arrival of the three suspects, they left the bank where they made their escape via the attached area of the shopping mall. The bank robber 1 was the one who jumped on the desk of the branch manager who was seen wearing Donald Duck mask. The bank robber 2 who went behind the bank vault and the counter was wearing Richard Nixon mask. The bank robber three who take care of controlling the lobby part was wearing a Porky Pig mask.

Elements of Probable Cause

Michael J. Danzig is not new when it comes to the issues involving breaking of regulations or committing crimes. Due to the search warrant evidence that is located in 234 Denham Lane, I reached out to Dare County North Carolina Sheriff's office where I discovered that Michael J. Danzig had multiple arrests done by one detective working with the robbery squad of the county. I contacted Det Daniel Thornton who offered me with information which explained that Danzing was raised in the Dare County. Danzing was recognized as a star on the domestic football team of the school he was studying. Danzing started going wrong in his junior and senior years in the high school whereby he began using drugs which made him begin robbing the local stores. Together with the other two suspects, the three made use of the technique involving shooting off around the bank's ceiling. They announced what was their intention when they were in the store and then roughed up the workers during the time they robbed the local stores.

Detective Thornton had a friend of their working squad who was mainly cooperating with the law enforcement and provided them adequate data which led to the arrests they made for the armed robbers in two distinct cases. During the first scenario, the three suspects had conducted robbery in the liquor store. After they got arrested, the judge became lenient on the suspects given that the judge considered they were young. However, when the three suspects got released, they never stopped their robbery behavior. They went ahead to rob a nearby clothing store, and they beat up one female employee who was present. After they were arrested, the judge sentenced them into five years imprisonment each for the case. This was the last contact when the informant Thornton had with the three robbery suspects. Detective Daniel Thornton heard that the three suspects had got out of jail and they moved to Virginia. At Virginia, Melanie-Danzing's sister worked in the ban. Melanie decided to help the three men by helping them to create a source of income through buying them a truck which would enable them to acquire a job as either in working construction or as roofers. From the interview with the detective Daniel Thornton, Thornton affirmed that the informant who he relied on to get information concerning the three characters had gone missing following their release from the jail. Thornton suspected that Danzing, together with his crew were responsible for the disappearance of his former informant.

Detective Thornton helped by forwarding mug shit photographs to my affiant, and the photographs were then displayed to the cooperating witness #4. The cooperating witness positively helped in identifying if the three pictures as showing three tenants who were living in 234 Denham Lane. The photos spread were not required given that the witness understood the three suspects well.

Summary of the Charge

Robbery entails the crime involving the attempting to take or taking anything that has a set value through the use of force, the threat of using power or putting the victims under fear. According to the law, robbery refers to taking of a given property belonging to another to permanently deprive the individual of that stolen property through either the means of fear or force. The type of robbery that took place at the national bank of Columbia was armed robbery. The theft involved the use of weapons.


This affiant submits the facts and information outlined in this affidavit which helps in establishing the probable cause to believe that criminal Michael J. Danzig DOB-12/23/1986 was involved in the robbery of the national bank of Columbia. Danzing and the other two suspects of the theft of the national bank of Columbia have also been found and reported to be involved in several crimes in the past. Thus, your affiant is too requesting that the court give an arrest warrant for criminal Michael J. Danzig DOB-12/23/1986.

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