Free Essay: Analysis of Tiktok and the Desirability to Keep as a Separate Platform.

Published: 2023-09-19
Free Essay: Analysis of Tiktok and the Desirability to Keep as a Separate Platform.
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Thank you for the opportunity to work in this organization. Just as requested, I have assessed the company’s strengths and weaknesses of and Tik Tok. Provided the two different bases of and Tik Tok, both geographical area and content type that maintains the two diverse platforms to target the unique user group appear to be a great concept. On the other hand, a combination of the two platforms might worsen the distinct platform positioning and lower the possible number of users because of annoyance (Ahlse et al., 2020). From the study, I came up with the conclusion below;

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  • Tik Tok has various weaknesses that make it unreliable.
  • I recommend the organization leave the as a separate platform.

Evaluative Criteria and Evidence

Tik Tok

My analysis begins with the history of the platforms. The evaluation criteria that I used entail relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and effects for both Tik Tok and Tik Tok is a global version of Douyin, which is a sharing application for a short video. The app allows its users to share, create and also view a 15-second video that entails dancing, lip-syncing, comedy skits, among other several activities. It also has impressive video editing instruments which allow users to sync songs to videos from the library. Furthermore, it offers special effects that are simpler to utilize like shivering with music, 3D stickers, hair dyeing and prop the stamp filters also enables users to generate raindrops in the video setting through holding hands up to the camera(Ahlse et al., 2020).

Again, at one give time, became the best apple app store in 19 diverse nations. In 2014, allowed users to generate 15-60 seconds of video clips that indicate lip-syncing that was set to different music (Hu, 2020). It became so popular to most of the youth in the United States. The platform has grown to the present state where they offer social network (Weimann & Masri, 2020).


Strategy leveraging of localizing content in a particular market Tik Tok had broadly attained some numbers in raking and users. Despite this, the local focus results to concerns that make it harden Tik Tok from taking advantage of the user base for the world expansion. At this time, Tik Tok is surrounded by competitions and skeptics during its development. Tik Tok, therefore, faced major concerns to sustain its position to international markets (Hu, 2020). The success and popularity of Tik Tok triggered concerns and attention from various companies, thus forcing them to release copy cats. Later, Facebook came up with an app for sharing a fresh short video that was the same as that of Tik Tok. Kuaishou is one of the significant competitors to Tik Tok. It had received support from various other large companies to enhance their oversee markets (Weimann & Masri, 2020). Tik Tok needs to grow from the foundation while staving attacks from ambitious and well funded global competitors.

Also, Tik Tok experiences government regulations where it was brought to a standstill after the realization that they contained inappropriate content. Therefore, this went back to normal after Tik Tok decided to end the negative content and enhance security mechanisms. Moreover, monetization is another challenge that Tik Tok faced. Douyuin in china began examining chances for monetization in the year 2017(Hu, 2020). Their advertisements were successfully generated, thus revealing Douyins likelihood for monetization. Douyin also combined efforts with the Chinese’s e-commerce platforms like Taobao, and Tmall. In the markets, oversee, Tik Tok still existed in the burn-out state for market penetration and growth and had to begin generating revenues. Bytedance supported Tik Tok internationally. Conversely, despite the massive user base and a large portion, Tik Tok had 29% engagement rate compared to Facebook with 96%, YouTube with 95%, snapshot with95% and Instagram with 95 % (Ahlse et al., 2020).

Encountering the variations in the market and low engagement rate, Tik Tok monetarization, therefore, experienced a long way in the global market.

Furthermore, Tik Tok received numerous complaints from users concerning the cringe and creepy video. An example is parents were also concerned about the content in Tik Tok because it was so popular to the youths.

Action plan

Over the years, there have been various improvements in terms of features, thus enhancing the users’ experience. The explosive growth and promotion resulted from the innovative promotion strategies which entail TV channels sponsorships, celebrities’ attractions, among other actions. The tool kit refinement and its capability to push great videos to significant users who were powered by the advanced AI methods facilitated the explosive growth. Douyin heavily invested to uphold the internet celebrates and its major opinion leaders(Hu, 2020). Again, in the efforts to take part in the regular users to catch the attention of the creative content, many topics that trend in the kind of hashtags were promoted by Douyin. Furthermore, Douyin strengthened supervision to ensure the building of a community.


I recommend the organization leave as a separate platform because of its significant number of users and good reputation in the United States. Again, I recommend that TikTok be left as an independent platform. I believe that a combination of both TikTok and enhances the expansion of the combines’ platform through the world network impacts.


Ahlse, J., Nilsson, F., & Sandström, N. (2020). It's time to TikTok: Exploring Generation Z's motivations to participate in# Challenges.

Hu, Y. (2020). Business users of WeChat and TikTok: An analysis of uses and gratifications.

Weimann, G., & Masri, N. (2020). Research Note: Spreading Hate on TikTok. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 1-14.

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