Personal Essay Sample: Why I Want to Join Phi Delta Epilson

Published: 2019-10-31 21:12:12
Personal Essay Sample: Why I Want to Join Phi Delta Epilson
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Phi Delta Epilson would be a perfect match for me because it brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and knowledge base in the medical field. My life is majorly centered on the field of medicine, having worked as a dental officer at Baltimore and Germantown. I have also worked as an emergency room scribe, became a volunteer for the Red Cross Society, conducted research for a sickle cell advocacy group and obtained certifications in phlebotomy. I have been a leader for the volleyball team and sickle cell advocacy group. I am interested in joining this fraternity group because I believe it offers me the best opportunity for growth in my career. I believe it will also give me the opportunity to interact with other medical professionals and in the process share ideas and establish useful long lasting networks that could be beneficial at some point later in life. As Phi Delta Epilson opens its doors to all medical professional s from all racial backgrounds and with different religious beliefs, the pool of knowledge gained from interactions with these different individuals will give me a different perception of the world and appreciate other cultures and beliefs.

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I would also like to be part of this fraternity group because it is involved in philanthropy, which holds a special place in my life. I believe in giving back to the community and enriching the lives of other with the skills and knowledge that I have gained in my medical career. I believe in the immense potent power that unity can create: if we can create a synergy for our special skills, talents, and abilities, we can achieve far much greater good than compared with individual effort. Phi Delta Epilson has philanthropy as one of its guiding principles, which makes me more interested in wanting to be a member of the group.

Aside from professional pool of knowledge from joining Phi Delta Epilson, the social interactions with other members of the group will sharpen my social skills and interactions with others. Such social skills will help me in shaping the leader in me, especially when it comes to communication. As I have been a leader in different forums, I believe the social interactions will better help me hone my skills so as to be a better leader and team player. There will also be lots of fun within these groups, especially during team building events such as sports and outdoor activities. It also feels good to be identified with such a group- it gives a sense of identity and belonging; the feeling of being part of a family of professionals.

Incident where I have demonstrated Facta-non-verba

Since this fraternity group promotes actions rather than empty words, I feel like I am in the right place with the right people. I have volunteered in a shelter for the elderly and helped in mobilizing youth from my local church to participate in giving back to the community through cleaning activities and giving donations. I also support two orphaned children, acting as their mentor and offering material support whenever in need. Through this mentorship program, I have been able to connect these orphaned children with their distant relatives and in the process a good bond and relationship has blossomed.

Why I decided to be a physician

Ever since I was a teen, I always had a dream of saving people from diseases crippling them. My granny and I were really close while I was growing up and we would spend the whole day together whenever schools closed. We would play, cook and she would give me some sewing lessons. At times we would walk in the woods and at other times, we would go for picnics. Until she was diagnosed with cancer. She suddenly fell ill, and when she was rushed to the hospital, the doctor told my mum that grandma had malignant lung cancer, and she could only live for four more months. Ever since then granny was reduced to a toddler, being fed, washed and moved around. I hated to see her in that state and helpless that I could not save her. From then onwards I have always fascinated to be a physician, to help others who are paralyzed by diseases regain their health and enjoy life like they used to. To do this, I intend to put more effort in my academic coursework, engaging my lecturers in the areas I have not well understood, enrolling for mentorship programs where I can be under the tutelage of qualified doctors and engaging in discussions with my fellow undergraduate students.

I also intend to conduct thorough research in my area of specialty and building on the existing knowledge in the field to have a better understanding of practices in the field. I will efficiently utilize my time so that i can achieve and balance both in academics and extracurricular activities just so as to be an all rounded student.

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