Essay Sample: America's Unique Legislative Process

Published: 2019-10-02
Essay Sample: America's Unique Legislative Process
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The United States is one of the most developed countries. The policy-making bodies and the structure of the government that it has adopted determine the length of its political stabilization. The government consists of the Congress, which is the most superior body that approves financial and budgetary policies set in the country ("Congress & The Presidency", 2015). It is different from most of the countries in the world where parliament approves the budget. The Congress is also granted the powers to appropriate funds. According to Dorf & Morrison (2010), It is this power which makes the Congress look deeply into any policy that may be adopted and see how worth the system is (p.100). It is different from most countries where the policies are critically analyzed by the ministries involved and the ministers enact the policies.

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Many regimes have come up with policies to improve the general health system. Bill Clinton came up with a system to change the public health care programs which existed before. The programs had seen a high rise in the cost of medical attention which saw many workers complaining. It was the insight of the change in health care standards of the country. The Congress has been seen to play a vital role in supporting these changes.

Americans have a great respect for the president. Presidents have had a significant impact on the structure of the health system. Health reforms were first introduced by President Lyndon Johnson, who introduced Medicare and insurance to cover for health care for the seniors (Kronenfeld, 2011, p.17). It followed a series of acts under different presidents which saw many classes of people, including the employees, retirees, families and also the weak to enjoy favorable health care services catered for by the Federal taxes. The courts have also had a significant role to play in ensuring the right to good health is good the interpretation and implementation of the law. The courts preside over any case where this right is denied or challenged.

The Congress under the regime of President Obama enacted the Obamacare. The Act saw abolishment of some of the worst practices the insurance companies had over the citizens. The policy also set the minimum ratio of direct health care spending to a persons income. It also created a web-based insurance system where the consumers could compare the prices of different companies. The Obamacare system preserves private insurance medical care providers and also guarantees the provision of more subsidies to enable the poor to buy insurances. ("Premium Subsidy Scenarios Under Obamacare", 2013) The Act has been one of the best in the U.S history since it caters for every group of persons in the country.

Politics have had a significant impact on the development of the health care system. Aspiring presidents have had health policy reforms which could see an improvement in the standard of health. The judicial system which is concerned with the making, enforcement and restoration of law and order in the society has also played a vital role in ensuring good health as a right of every citizen (Dorf & Morrison, 2010, p.321). Hence, every legislation has its average length of time which it takes for it to pass a law. President Obama signed the bill into law in 2010. The Congress played a great role in assessing the act before its approval. It aimed at better health care services at lower costs.

In view of the above, the U.S legislature is unique from many countries from its formation to the way it functions. The Congress plays a vital role in ensuring that bills are favorable to all parties involved before it becomes a law. It is different from many states where the parliament or those elected must sit and decide.


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