Americans' Obsession with Healthy Eating: A Misguided Pursuit? - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-10-15
Americans' Obsession with Healthy Eating: A Misguided Pursuit? - Essay Sample
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Thesis Statement: Americans are so obsessed with keeping a healthy diet since they always look for food labels and dietary guidelines that will help them stay fit and live a healthy life. it is surprising how these “Low fats” and “No fats” are just an advertisement strategy as these facts are exchanged with sugars that they are even in dangerous in the functioning of the body. Therefore, Americans should seek to have some level of nutritional knowledge that will enable them understand what to eat or not to eat.

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The knowledge that people know about food is- what to eat and what not to eat. The American citizen does not get to understand in detail why some of the food is recommended while the ministry does not advise others of health.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), American citizens waste billions of pounds annually. In contrast, there are a lot of individuals that go hungry since they do not have access to food.

Food security, as depicted by USDA, is the access of food to all people at all times that would lead to a healthy life is a challenging issue for both children and adults.

How Americans know what to eat and what not to eat.

Most Americans believe that the food advertisement and food labels are well monitored by healths organization and the government in general. People believe that the government is always on a check on the food products produced by food processing industries. It is believed that processed foods have to pass all through legal channels so as the government will have to certify their approval on starting of the food industries ("Public views about Americans’ eating habits", 2016). Americans will always look at food labels, and dietary guidelines then look for a certified mark to prove the quality of the food product.

How American decide on what to eat or not to eat.

Whenever people hear the word, "free will" what comes to peoples' mind is that we, as individuals are responsible for the food, we consume (Hunter, 2013). The Americans always watch health-related channels to make decisions on the food products they consume. Americans will make a point of consuming the products mentioned on the media stations as they believe the health nutritionists are well observant of the health and thus the food products, they talk about are essential to the healthy functioning of the body (Chen, 2020). American are taught that they should choose products with low or no-fat products. Americans are always keen on maintaining a healthy diet as they follow instructions of reading food labels before buying them ("What Should I Eat?", 2020).

Recommendations on what to eat or not what to eat.

Americans make their decisions on the food they eat based on reading food labels. As a result, food labels based on the dietary description are a must on every pre-packaged food product (Barker et al., 2018). Nutritional guidelines are just an advertisement technique to gain massive profits, so he urges Americans to adequately understand and utilize these food labels to make healthier food decisions.

Nutritional interventions are necessary to avoid associated metabolic problems such as cardiovascular diseases and the prevalence of obesity. Analyzing and monitoring of food behaviours and dietary habits are crucial in combating nutrition-related conditions.


American needs to know what to eat or not to eat to avoid health-related challenges.

Proper food consumption will ensure that everybody gets to eat and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional intervention is essential to avoid associated metabolic problems such as cardiovascular diseases and obesity.


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