American Ideology and Social Life Affects Work - Free Essay

Published: 2023-12-05
American Ideology and Social Life Affects Work - Free Essay
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American ideology and the way of life affect the work and American Economy. According to Laura, work is a social problem unemployment and underemployment lead to dissatisfaction and alienation (301). The meaning of work is contracting. Some argue that work is significant in people’s lives, while others insist it is a tool of achieving maximum consumption (Laura 299). The ways of life cause contradiction and affect the work and the economy in the long run. Increasing the wage will increase the level of unemployment (Kumar). It will cause an increase in government spending on food stamps and unemployment benefits (Kumar). Yes, the way of life contributes to these phenomena because the work culture of American people is different compared to other countries. Technology and the internet have become a way of life. Computerization has killed or replaced some job opportunities. The workers are no longer united today as they were in the 80s (Kumar).

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Schools Changed Mindset Toward Education

Education can change the mindset and the thinking of the people. The schools should have an impact on the lives of the people. The videos explain why the education system in the United States is broken (“Broken Education”). The second video explains the action needed to amend the failing U.S. schools. The U.S. education needs fixing that will see the willingness to read increase. If the country has people like Tiffany Anderson, the education standard can change (“Comeback”). The work she is doing has an impact on the mindset of the people of American through schools.

High School Prepares for College

The high school bridge and provide adequate background to take up college courses. The segregation is no more, and the schools focus on the subjects which connect to daily life. I can say the high school maintains a good foundation and transition. The basics in high school are essential because many are prerequisites for different courses at the college level.

Fixing the U.S. Education System

The curriculum is what I would fix first—teaching the American children what is applicable in the life out there. Equipping the schools with the necessary learning material is second. The teachers’ pay is another challenge. Low income compared to other professions, is a challenge I would address. Motivating the teacher can fix the education system. Also, a good investment in the department of education can change the current state of events.

Assignment 2

Part 1

Views and Mindset Cause Race Problem

The race is a controversial topic in our country. The activities happening shows we have not solved the problem yet. The views from the reports raise the racial tension in our country. In the news, fifty-seven percent of the Non-African Americans rated African Ameican as less intelligent (Nesbit). In another, 63 percent of Whites believe that African Americans are lazier than White people. Such views show the blacks are less efficient and incompetent than their white counterparts (Nesbit). The mindset is caused by the different stereotypes which some Americans have contributing to the race problem (Parhar). Americans need to stop the wrong perception and end stereotypes. The perception that a particular group has towards the other affects how they talk or relate with them.

Part 2

Identifiers and Examples

I am a great educator and a student. When I am identified as a student, I feel good. Being a student, one has a chance to learn a lot of things. I am very comfortable in my skin color, and I have had instances where racial profiling has affected me. Accepting to be who we are is a good thing because it helps us gain in many ways. Racism is two way toward blacks or from whites to blacks. It does not feel good when one is not respected or not give a chance, which they truly deserve because of the color of their skin. It is one of the acts of racism which I cannot stand in Ameican. All men were created equal. People learn to hate.


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