American Government Essay Sample

Published: 2019-12-02
American Government Essay Sample
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The leading candidates of the American government have come up with election guidelines that would help them to expound on what they would want to accomplish once elected. The leading candidates, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton have developed a platform on the key issues that they would establish and what they plan on doing to make America better. The paper will lay out the policies that the leading candidates support so as to provide the voters with an opportunity to make their decision without being biased. The policies will be about some of the topics that the candidates have considered worth improving or eliminating. Some of the issues of discussion will include Gun Control, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Free/ Reduced Post-Secondary Education, Climate change, the pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, Federal minimum wage among others.

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There has been a lot of discussion concerning the leading candidates from both political parties. Most of the critics have been analyzing the situation, and they have come up with conclusions regarding Hillary Clinton of Democratic Party and Donald Trump of Republican (Smith, 2016). Many individuals have been asking whether Hillary Clinton would offer a third term of Barrack Obama and whether Donald Trump would post a threat to national security. Based on the research carried out and the websites of the leading candidates, the main policies on the main issues would provide the voters to evaluate what they want and make a decision on who to elect based on those key issues.

Based on the issue of federal minimum wages, the leading candidates have got different views and policies on how to tackle the issues. Clinton indicates that she would raise the federal minimum wage to $12 per hour and give the local government a chance to set minimums above the level stipulated (Lee & Lim, 2016). She claims to make sure that the millionaires could not pay less than their secretaries. Trump, on the other hand, sticks to the issue of creating more jobs for the Americans and would request the smart business men to run the economy since they are well experienced. He would simplify the tax to reduce the headaches that people have for payment of taxes.

The other issue is renewable energy where different policies have been brought forth by the leading candidates. Clinton has a plan to enable the application of solar panels installation which would help to generate more renewable energy for every home in America. She would be able to enact that policy that would cut the energy waste at homes, hospitals and schools. She has the plan to reduce oil consumption by a third and launch a $ 60bn clean energy partner with states, cities and rural communities (Smith, 2016). Trump, on the other hand, claims that the issue of environment and its protection against climate change is an expensive activity and therefore plan to implement a policy that would cut the funds that support Environment Protection Agency.

With the issue of gun control, Trump and Clinton have policies considering the security of the nation. Clinton plans to make sure that there is enough background check done to anyone who is suspected to be dangerous. She believes in finding loopholes in the current system that enable people to be armed. She pins responsibility to irresponsible dealers and manufacturer who allows the guns to fall into the wrong hands. She supports the policies of restrictions to the owning of guns (Smith, 2016). Trump policy involves supporting people to own guns following the amendment made to curb crimes. He claims that the criminals should be dealt with on their own, but the law abiding citizens should be left to own guns and defend themselves. Trump supports the gun policy since he owns a firearm which is said to be endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

Health care is another topic that the leaders emphasizes on how their policies are the best and looking out for all the citizens, poor, middle income and the disabled. Clintons policy on health care is on retaining the Obama care. She plans to hold the companies accountable for rising the prices of drugs and jacking up the costs (Lee & Lim, 2016). Her policy would involve the protection of women in accessing reproductive health care with legalizing abortion and allowing women to decide what would happen with their body. Clinton supports the pro-choice policy and stand. Trumps policy indicate that the Obama care should be done away with since its expensive than it is supposed to be. He opposes the cuts made to Medicaid and Medicare and claims that he is pro-life with the exception (Trump, 2016). He, however, does not include the expansion of healthcare coverage.

In the comprehensive reform to create a pathway to citizenship, Clinton establishes a plan that would keep families united and allow the workers to come out of their shadows. She supports the Obama deportation law and plans to end family detention and close private immigrant detention centers (Clinton, 2016). She indicates that the immigrants can be educated and made to have legal documents that allow them to do business lawfully. Trumps plan is to build a wall on the Mexican border, and the Mexican will make the cost. His policies involve the deportation of 11 million undocumented migrants and end their birthright citizenship (Trump, 2016). In his explanation, he claims that the immigrants had open illegal trafficking of drugs and exploited the open borders to commit various types of crimes.

Regarding education, Clinton policy involves making the students acquire free tuition and books for the whole season of studying. She insists that the part that students needs to do is to contribute in working per week and families should make sure that there is practical and affordable contribution for their children study (Clinton, 2016). Trump claims that the federal government should have no reason to profit from the loans of the students and he has been made to defend his own Trump University.

Different policies being made and how to establish and implement them is what makes the candidates worth a chance of being elected. The policies should not just be stated but should have the vision to make sure it can succeed. Both the leading candidates have given out their issues and different ways that they are planning on handling them. The only thing remaining is for the voters to be convinced on the right outlook to handle the problems they are facing, is it by destroying or fixing, is it by eliminating or improving or even by discarding the problem and moving on or acknowledging the challenge and facing it with actions. The voters are to decide.


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