Paper Sample on the Ethical and Moral Violations by Doctor Larry Nassar

Published: 2022-05-26
Paper Sample on the Ethical and Moral Violations by Doctor Larry Nassar
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Doctor Larry Nassar committed many unbecoming and unwanted behaviors in his career professional. As a qualified physician, he needed to uphold many virtues in his field. A lot of him was expected from the society as a Trusted Doctor. Unfortunately, we find it difficult to understand why he failed in his career professional by engaging in immoral behaviors. Larry Nassar was trusted and given a post by the US gymnastic federation to be the gymnast's doctor. Little did they know he was a beast in a sheep's skin? His actions left many wondering since that was the least the society expected from him.

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To begin with, Larry Nassar failed to uphold the virtue of integrity. This is evident from his trust by the gymnastic federation was cut short by his actions. His supposed consistent character came out as an irony after engaging in immoral behaviors. He should have upheld his integrity high despite his internal pressure to molest the young gymnast. Secondly, he failed to be loyal. Larry failed terribly by not respecting his organization to serving his duty with loyalty. He demonstrated lack of loyalty by taking advantage of his post and engaging in sexual abuse to the young girls. At Michigan State University he did not follow the good conduct of relating to his patients and female students.

Furthermore, as a trusted doctor, he was supposed to be caring for the young gymnast and always be there for them in case they were in need of his help at any time. He failed to demonstrate this and instead, he cared in the wrong way. The new Olympic champion is known as Jordyn Weiber openly stated that she remained unshielded by the colleagues she was playing with. She described how the doctor used to buy her gifts and she never imagined it was to gain something from her. Larry lured the young ladies with gifts to molest them. More so, the doctor also failed to uphold his respect for the organization. He did not respect the young girls as his daughters and in turn, took advantage of them and sexually abused them. He failed himself also by destroying his CV in engaging in such acts.

While at Michigan State University, Larry mishandled patients and female students. As a medic, he was expected to responsible and well-intentioned in the way he handled patients. He molested the patients and bullied them for his interest and satisfaction. He sexually abused young girls who had an appointment with him after injuries, and according to him, that was the medical procedures he followed when attending to his patients. He exploited the females and subjected them to inhumane conditions by using wrong methods and procedures in handling them.

To add on, he failed to uphold his dignity and that of his family by engaging in unwanted behaviors. As a married man, Larry ought to respect his family and wife by not engaging in forced sexual immorality with the young girls and female students at the University. He should have had self-esteem and respect the female students and carry out his duties in the required and acceptable manner. His weak principles drove him into engaging in sexual abuse without minding the rights of the young students.

Basic Bio of Nassar

Nassar Larry was born on 1963 in a region known as Farmington Hills, Michigan as a son to Fred Nassar and Marry Nassar. As he grew up, he started to work as an instructor at work with females' physical exercises group in North Farmington high school. This was accreditation by the school since his brother Mike was a retired athletic trainer in the same school. He graduated in 1981 in Farmington high school. After he graduated, he advances to learn kinesiology at the University of Michigan and completed his university undergraduate level in the year 1985.He married Stephanie Anderson in the year 1996, and they were blessed with one daughter and one son. Later on due to Nassar's ugly behavior, they divorced in the year 2017 whereby Stephanie was given guardianship of the children.

In the year 2017, Nassar was sent to prison for 60 years after he pleaded guilty to explicit teenage videos. In 2018, February; he was also sentenced to 175 years in jail for sexually attacking teenage girls and molesting three men as he was a physician at the US gymnastics after pleading guilty.

Development of his professional career

Larry Nassar is a medic by profession. He started to work as an athletic instructor for the US physical exercises in the year 1986. He graduated in 1993 from the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine as a Medic in the field. Forging ahead to finish his training at St Lawrence Hospital. Larry finished a partnership in sporting medicine and instantly started to work as an associate professor at Michigan State University Sector of Household and Public Treatment in the college of medicine in the year 1997. As an associate professor, he earned $ 100,000 per year. He received a commendation as co-author of not less than six research papers on gymnast injury treatment. In 1996, he started to work as a group medic at Holt High School. From the year 1996 onwards till 2014, Larry was the medical director for USA physical exercises.

Allegations while at Michigan State University

Larry is alleged to have sexually abused Trinea Gonczar in 1991 while she was 11 years old. Larry was a student at the Michigan State University at the moment of the allegations. He was pursuing Osteopathic medicine and at the same times a trainer at Lansing area gymnastic center where Gonczar trained. Gonczar suffered sports injuries which were intravaginal, and she needed a massage on the affected area. Larry administered her intravaginal massage two to three times a week for some years. Gonczar as innocent as her tender age didn't mind about the treatment and didn't question about that until the time Nassar was charge in 2016. Nassar continually did his supposed treatment on the victim for several years until 1998 when the victim was told by her friends that what Larry was doing was inappropriate (Huffington, 2017).

While being an Official Michigan State University, school of osteopathic medicine, Larry sexually assaulted four female students and further assaulted a female patient according to criminal charges put on him. Larry continued to abuse patients at the Michigan clinic sexually and claimed that his method of treatment was like that, but people misunderstood his methods of treatment.

According to an investigation on the matter, an affidavit presented by the police on the issue indicated that Strampel's computer work contained 50 bare vagina photographs, nudes and semi-nudes of women, sex toys and lastly pornography. The photos appeared to have been taken as "selfies" belonging to Michigan State University female students. The affidavit also indicated that someone had tried to delete the images on the computer but did not succeed. Nassar is alleged to have been molesting the female students at the University and soliciting at least one nude from them. Some pornographic videos of Larry performing treatment on a young female patient were also found on the affidavit.

In accordance to report presented to the court, two women claim they reported to Kathie Klages, who is a former gymnastics coach at the University of Michigan that they were never comfortable about Larry's behavior when they had an appointment with him. At that time, one of the victims was 14 years old girl, and the other was 16, both were participating in youth gymnastics program which was sponsored by the university. One victim said that Larry put fingers inside her vagina during treatment. During the investigations on the matter, Larry claimed that as a medic professional his procedures in treating the patients were medically acceptable including touching the breast of the patients.

Moreover, in the reports, Larry is accused of mishandling patients. It was reported that Larry could carelessly handle patients even in the presence of a third party while carrying out treatment in areas that were sensitive and needed privacy. He mishandled the patients and used unacceptable means of treatment on them. That was sexual abuse to the patients. The female students he was dealing with faced many problems of being sexually abused and their nudes being captured by the doctor.

Larry's intention of taking the nudes of the young girls was for child pornography. Larry was reported by the victims to the higher authorities, but he claimed that his medical profession allowed him to do that on patients. He dismissed the sexual assaults charged on him that he sexually assaulted the female patients and said that the patients failed to understand the underlying difference between being sexually assaulted and osteopathic medical procedure. This gave him another chance to still work at the Michigan State University (Infobase, & ABC NEWS 2018).

During a court hearing, Denhollander, 15 years old said that she visited Larry for treatment and he always abused her every time she visited, and to her, she thought it was okay since she trusted all adults around her. She also claimed that she saw her mother being sexually abused the alleged doctor. Denhollander said that when she reported the actions to the Michigan State University officials that she was sexually abused by Larry, they ridiculed her. The University covered up the allegations and protected Larry (Shaw, & Reading, 2018).

Larry's allegation as a physician at the US Gymnastics Team

Larry Nassar, a former doctor at the US gymnastics team, fell out due to his continued sexual abuse to the young gymnast. During a listening in court, Larry pleaded guilty to a sexually abusing young gymnast and molesting them. He went ahead to tell the judge that he was sorry for what he had done. More than 160 girls claimed to have been assaulted by the doctor at the gymnastics. He also said that the way he touched the young girls as a medic, was legitimate. The parents of the young girls were shocked by the horrendous acts of the Larry. Larry instead of performing his duties in a well acceptable manner turned out to be a monster and abused the young ladies at the gymnastics and a few of young men (Shaw, & Reading, 2018).

Jamie Dantzscher, an Olympic medalist, told the California newsgroup that she and her teammates were repeatedly abused by the doctor during the Olympic Games in Sidney in the year 2000. The Olympic medalist said that according to her, the doctor was no longer a doctor but a molester. She said that Larry started abusing her as early as she was 13 years old at a training camp in Texas. The doctor would continuously "treat" her whenever he found a chance to. She further went ahead to say that at the age of 15, while flying to Tokyo for the games, the doctor gave him a sleeping pill and the last thing she remembers what that she found herself with the doctor in a room at night (Foundation, & Root, 2018).

Another victim, Antolin, said that Larry started abusing her back in the year 1997 when she was 16 years old when she and her teammates were traveling to the world championship. It all started when she complained of back pain, and therefore she booked an appointment with Doctor Larry. Larry then came to her room and instructed her to remove her panty after which he inserted his fingers into her vagina. He constantly repeated that for many years and included in her training. After some years, Antolin talked with former US national team members and finally realized that what the doctor was doing was not treatment but sexual abuse. It was then that she reported the incidence to the relevant authorities.

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