Paper Example: Amazon HRM Analysis

Published: 2023-09-26
Paper Example: Amazon HRM Analysis
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Companies move each step at a time, building on its infrastructure and management. The root of these companies are mainly ideas that develop into businesses. The art of conducting a business plan is crucial since it is a service offered to the population. Enterprises are thus vital in enhancing the development processes of a state. Throughout history, the art of conducting business has transformed drastically. In the past, barter trade was the dominant form of trade that existed. It was easy but tiring and risky as manipulation as a strategy to eliminate desperate individuals would occur. As modernization and civilization occurred, the way people traded eventually transformed into a new system. Currently, businesses have categories of managerial entities that serve a different purpose but have the same goal. The influence of social media due to technological advances has brought about the effective use of the tool as a form of advertisement. Companies that fail to innovate will eventually lose in the quest to attain market dominance. One vital and devolved constituent of a business entity or a company is the human resource department. The department is entitled to cater to the welfare of the employees. The accounting facility is also crucial since it maintains and advises the company on various monetary directions to take about the market position and financial situation. Conducting a business analysis using various tools provides a recommendation that will present an advisory note to the managerial staff. Thus, it is essential to dig deep into the pillars that run the company to deduce weaknesses and strengths and the opportunities awaiting exploitation. This essay seeks to assess a company's various positions that have played a massive role in the technology industry and retail market of Amazon.

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Benefits and Compensation

Many companies use a strategy of attracting talents by assimilating various modes of benefits and compensation. People having expertise and skills that are an example of an asset to the company are recognized by providing lucrative deals. An example of using such a strategy is seen in the soccer world. The development of new talents has the biggest reward. Individuals such as Messy and Ronaldo are seen as the picture of soccer. They are given lucrative deals as the benefits and are also compensated for various corporate transactions. Workers also need such a reward system since it is through proper reward that the staff attain maximum productivity. In the hierarchy of needs, the individuals who are on the verge of achieving self-sufficiency have little to no worries of the basic requirements as their financial situation is "established." The human resource department is the entity of the company responsible for ensuring employees' proper maintenance and thus enabling success in any organization.

Compensation can be achieved through salary as a medium of payment. Also, the terms and conditions of the contract have proved to be a factor facilitating a different degree of desirable opportunities. Individuals would want to work in the government since the terms of the agreement are that it is pensionable. Also, it is essential to assess the situation of compensation imposed on the employees. It is crucial for needs, such as education, health, and recreation, are covered. There are various ways of promoting compensation and reward. The use of health care systems and expanding the educational needs of the employees would act as benefits. Also, the act of enabling the staff to have time to keep their minds off the company and for once enjoy nature would be a boost. The use of a pension scheme compensates for the time the employees have offered service to the company.

Business Leadership and Strategy

Confucius states, “in a well-governed country, poverty is something to be ashamed of but is a country poorly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of” (Ramachandran 2019). Employees need to have a stable managerial staff to ensure that all forces work hand in hand to ensure the business's success. The form of leadership also works together with the strategy. Different companies assimilate diverse strategic reforms that steer it to progress. Amazon is one company that has successfully utilized the raw materials and has created products that have been well received by the market. The leadership roles and structure have proved to be coherent and are moving with the same frequency to provide quality services. The strategy used has, in a way, provided a lag in presenting the picture of what is required by the mission and vision of the founders. The use of strategy has been of high essentiality since the company uses it to come up with a disparity from what is offered by the competitors.


Diversity is a crucial issue since 2020 has been a year of enforcing the elimination of racism. Individuals from different cultures and locations are of great importance to the company (Fredin, Jogmark 2017). It is through the gathering of ideas that companies develop. When people meet, there is diverse interaction and, thus, connections. Also, the government promotes diversity since it is a form of promoting foreign relations. Amazon has enabled the accommodation of individuals from different styles and cultures of life. Through the human resource department, the company boasts of using the workforce from diverse forms of life. The company also has branches worldwide, and in most cases, they would employ the local people to work for them. For example, Amazon in Japan would apply Japanese and even use the Japanese language on the website used in Japan. The aim of this is that the local people who use the company would access their products and services. Similarly, the China branch and the branches in Europe would have the local people running the company since they better understand their region.

Employee Relations

The effort to manage the relationship between the employees of a company brings the aspect of employee relations. It is essential to ensure there is a calm environment for sustainable employee relations. The way employee relates to another determines the type and strength of teamwork in the work environment. Thus, the human resource department needs to use all the resources available to keep proper employee relations.

Social media is a tool worth trying since the author of the worldwide web aimed at ensuring world connectivity. The human resource department can use the tool to monitor how the company's degree of relationships occurs. Amazon is a company that roots its activities from technology. It will be unwelcoming if the use of technology is not utilized. The company has proved to be excellent in ensuring that there is a well-developed employee relation. The team has provided a platform where the employees' needs are catered for with far much more precision and care. Also, there are worker’s unions, which ensures companies are using all means to facilitate their staff's well-being. Any deviation or derailment will cause protests that will ruin the name of the company. Which company would want such a thing to occur? Thus, it is for the company's benefit to ensure all employees move with unity by creating a welcoming atmosphere for employee relations.

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies are playing a crucial role in society by engaging in productive social activities that enhance people's status in the communities. It is a requirement for many states in which international companies operate to engage in corporate social responsibility. People were less aware of such constitutional provisions, and now they are well aware of what they require of companies. There has been a transformation heightened by the change of value among citizens worldwide, and it has raised social awareness. Organizations now face the responsibility of addressing these social demands through activities beyond the goals of business and profit.

These responsibilities, however, have an impact on human resources. Previous years, before the technological advancements that have enhanced awareness, companies did not treat employees with respect they deserved as human beings. There was the suppression of worker's unions, unhealthy working conditions, and meager wages. As a result, the revolution in various sectors of the economy has improved the treatment of employees and all those who form part of a company. Corporate social responsibility entails an ethical code of conduct, which is part of human resources. In the quest to do business, those conducting business for the company is expected to act to promote ethical behavior. As recent as 2019, the United States film industry has been rocked by allegations of sexual assault. The result is a dent in the images of companies associated with the accused person. The mandate falls on companies' management to provide a reference guide or a set of rules to which all members should conform.

The guidelines connect the goals of the company and its daily operation in various areas. Social reports presented by companies during the presentation of the financial budget report enable comparing different companies and transparency. Policies such as ILO (Indicators on Labor and human right practice) provide multinationals guidelines on their social responsibility both internally and externally. Companies are now certified based on how they ethically handle human resources. Inspections are done in the workplace periodically to assess working conditions and compliance with the operational guidelines. Such certification encourages the promotion of social responsibility in a company. The goal of corporate social responsibility is to gear companies responsible for the people who form part of the business.

Organization and Employee Development

Concerning organizational and employee development, Amazon has a plan of retaining over 100 thousand workers, the majority of whom are U.S. A workforces, by the year 2025. To realize this, there is about $ 1000 million set aside by the company for training full-time employees (Cutter, 2019). It includes the introduction of Amazon technical Academy, which prepares the employees for non-technical skills and develops software engineers. The programs are voluntary as per the employees and would be trained on the field that they want, depending on the industry. The company believes in building talent, which is done from the internal environment. The company prepares this for changes in technology; therefore, they have to upscale their employees. They also involve robust earnings from the beginning, high wages, and opportunity for the employees to develop their careers.

The organizational development services that Amazon uses include expansion both geographically and in industry. For example, the company is planning to venture into healthcare, like offering pharmaceutical services and products. The company also has to move to new regions in Asia and the Middle East, where there is very little participation. The company can also use artificial intelligence, especially in-home deliveries, to make it more effective, efficient, and timely. It would be achieved through the use of drowns, according to the logistics department of the company. The company is moving towards being the most valued company and therefore, lift their acquisition.

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