Cultural Morality Essay Sample for Free Use

Published: 2018-11-23
Cultural Morality Essay Sample for Free Use
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Americans are continuously becoming more liberal across various moral issues. It is known that Americans have come together because of the moral values which include fairness and equality, freedom and courage, care and responsibility. These are important aspects that bind people together. Furthermore, the Americans are also united because of the principles which are mostly defined as equity and equality, and the government is known to be for all the Americans and not for some individuals like in other countries. In America, people are expected to show trustworthy, respect and kindness to other people. For example, people are expected to respect children as a way of showing generosity and protectiveness. Americans have traditional values and principles which make them proud of themselves (Matthews & Torevell, 2013). Thus, they have been celebrating such principles and values as a way of uniting them and can thus express their common moral vision and mission. These are important as they culturally define the Americans from other people. Moral values are important because shape an individual's personality. People's moral values are derived from such sources as religion, cultural traditions, laws and also individual experiences. The American values include:

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In American people are expected to show trust to all the people regardless of their race, gender and religion. Trustworthiness has been considered a virtue that binds the Americans and the non-Americans together. A trustworthy person is someone who can be placed trust on. The majority of the Americas have been showing their trust by fulfilling the responsibilities which are assigned. They are expected to be good people and not let down the expectations. Even though the trustworthiness have been binding the Americans, it also binds the Americans and the non-Americans. In most cases, those who live in America are expected to be trustful especially when it comes to the job execution. The government has been encouraging people to be trustworthy in matters to do with the nation because it is seen as a way of removing the corruption. Additionally, people have been encouraged also to be trustworthy so as to remove the racism which has been rampant in the American setting for some time.

The trustworthy is a universal value that not only works in the American setting but also works in other countries. The trustworthy is an important value because it makes people live together as ordinary people (Matthews & Torevell, 2013). It governs an individual's behavior and choices as well. The trustworthy as a value is an important value because it drives the societal and the government as well.

Respectfully refers to the feeling of admiration

Respectfully refers to the feeling of admiration. A person who is respectful shows an administration for another person. The Americans have shown respect for other people even the non-Americans as well. In the American setting since time immemorial, people have been showing respect towards each other. Respect is a value that has been binding other people since time immemorial. Furthermore, they have been showing respect towards different situations in the society. Additionally, people have been respectful of the democratic process and have not been complaining the winning of the school election.

Respectful is a value which is universal and not necessarily for the American people alone. The other cultures have also been showing respect towards people from other cultures. People's character towards other people is an important to show respect towards them. For instance, the Chinese people respect their culture and the culture of other people. The majority of people from other cultures show respect towards other people and it unethical to behavior in a way that down treats the culture of other people.

Honesty as a moral value

Honesty is another moral value which has been binding the Americans since time immemorial. It is known that without honesty people will not have trust. Honesty exists where the trust exists. Most people show honest as an important value towards respecting the other cultures of other people. Americans have been valuing respect as an important aspect towards showing the democratic values (Matthews & Torevell, 2013). Additionally, it is significant for all the people regardless of the age, race, and religion to be honest and engage in their responsibilities honestly. A person with honesty is a democratic person because it provides an actual code of conduct towards all the cultures. Because America is an intertwined culture, people have been encouraged to show respect and honest towards people from different cultures. Furthermore, in the American workplace, honesty is a value that is emphasized. It is an important value because it has been used to fight corruption in all the States of America. In the workplaces, the honest is seen as deeply held set of personal values which permit other aspects. Keeping promises is a significant a basic loyalty towards other people from other cultures.

Honesty is a culture that is universal because it exists in other cultures. The other cultures have been encouraging honesty many fields. However, honesty unlike the American settings, honesty in other cultures is not embedded in the workplaces. This shows that in such cultures corruption is high in the workplace but in the American setting, it is emphasized.


Matthews,T J., & Torevell,T D. (2013). A life of ethics and performance. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars.

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