Education in Texas, Free Essay Sample for Your Use

Published: 2019-10-28
Education in Texas, Free Essay Sample for Your Use
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The state among the 50 that is second-most populous and second-largest in the USA is known as Texas. It shares its borders with other states like Louisiana to the east, Oklahoma to the north, and New Mexico to the West. Houston (fourth-largest in the US) is considered to be the most populous in Texas, followed suit by San Antonio. Regardless of the fact that the state has a lot of majestic attributes, it has poor rankings in the education sector when the states are ranked. Some of the factors that are assessed include enrollment, teacher salary, SAT scores, high school graduation rates, teenage birth rate, part (percentage) of the population older than 25 years with high school diplomas, adults with bachelors degree and the expenditure per student (Maxwell, Crain and Davis 32). Following this streak of poor performance in schools within the state of Texas, this article seeks to provide recommendations for the education sector to follow.

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Among the demeaning characteristics of the education sector in Texas is that it has been ranked 1st in the teenage birth rate category. The question is why Texas is still reluctant to introduce students to technical skills for preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and pregnancy like protected sex other than ambiguous methods like abstinence. Considering that this state is a populous one, the performance on the SAT exams are embarrassing. As such, the state is ranked as number 46 (Maxwell, Crain and Davis 32). The population over 25 years of age with diplomas is still low because Texas was ranked as number 50 and 30 for the adult population with bachelors degree. This implies that the rate of graduation from both high schools and campuses is impeded. The fact that there is a small teachers salary should be scrutinized because Texas is number 49 on the list. On top of it all, the state has the second-highest enrollment in the states whereas the expenditure on every child is very little (#44 out of 50 states) (Maxwell, Crain and Davis 32).

The fact that it is among the largest states in the country with very many people and children implies that measures ought to be taken to foster the education institution. The outdated notion that parents expect their children to be excellent in schools while they are not providing the room and opportunity to succeed is still rampant. In other words, it is recommended that parents involvement in this education system should be mandatory, and the parents role is to be made as clear as possible. It is notable that many of the high school students dont graduate on time. Also, Texas is among those states with a large percentage of adults who didnt complete high school and campus (Maxwell, Crain and Davis 32). This threatens the economic progress of the state for the upcoming generations making the future bleak instead of bright. It is, therefore, important for the legislators to make education affordable to all so that all those students enrolling can finish school.

The education system in Texas is to be revised so that students can get an education of greater quality than it is today. For example, the sex education program is to be revised, especially its curriculum. Texas depicts the highest level of teenage pregnancy and among the states with a significant portion of the population of adults who did not complete high school and campus. It is, therefore, essential that students are taught how to prevent pregnancies and STDs so that these rates can go down and students can focus on the important things in their lives.

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