Essay Sample on Alice in Wonderland and the World Today

Published: 2019-09-06
Essay Sample on Alice in Wonderland and the World Today
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Alice in Wonderland has a great appeal to both the old and young where the context relates in different aspects of life in the modern world. While reading the story, one notices the educational dimension where the main character tries to develop her skills through the recitation of what she learned. To understand the story, the theme of the text is necessary to follow since it has spawned many adaptations in the world today. The use of three adaptations will be influential in articulating how education, personal identity, and language mean to people.

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The world today is entangled with the aspect of realization and formation of personal identity, education, and language mastering. In the story, Alice learns to blend in the new environment after learning the rules that enable her to establish connection with the unforeseen and mind-blowing situations in the new reality. In relation to the world today, many people are confronted with situations that require them to maneuver in order to succeed in life. The same situations are seen in the story as Alice depends on the little knowledge of the new world. She constantly compares the new experiences with the ones she had before in the reality. Consequently, in the real world, she is not as smart as her friend is but when she enters the world behind the glass, she ignites the feeling children get when they know little about something. This feeling is mutual to adults when experiencing different aspects of life. For instance, the world demands that one get to understand that education is one key aspect of getting in a preferred profession. Without qualifications, one can never get to establish the required skills pertaining to a certain job.

The cultural depiction of the story defines the world as a place where logic is mandatory for survival. In school, one is taught rules about the profession one holds. Concerning the education one gains in school, everything changes when you enter into the real world of job searching. The journey begins when one starts to find a lucrative area of specialization. Like Alice, the world creates a consternation people feel when they try to understand the logic of the different areas of education. To adapt one needs to cope up with the requirements required to sustain and defend ones self in the mirage the world displays. Education is one key theme that the story displays where it perfectly relates to the world today. Moreover, people have had numerous points in life where they need to stand up for their rights and defend them against unjustified regulations that crop up in the world today. This aspect makes the story culturally intertwined with the world today. When one attains education, the paradigms of life become less complex because they have a feel of knowledge that assists in deciphering what the world entails. The little knowledge gives people the skill to adapt easily to different situations making them cope.

Identity is one key structure in the world today. The world is construed as a place where one's identity is vital to the way others recognize you. Searching for an identity is a lifelong journey that involves a connection, desperation, courage and many other aspects. When it comes to the probing conditions of Wonderland, the journey Alice took to make sense of the new land creates the personality, which pays off in the end (Carroll, 1982). Just like Alice, individuals try to find their personality and blend them with those around them for them to proof that they fit to be in a certain place. Often, people will tend to look past the little things that happen in their life (Douglas-Fairhurst, 2015). However, the simple things that occur in life tend to bring much impact to the way people pursue the meaning of life. Identifying one's personality is critical in the adjustment of in unexpected rules of cause and effect. The more one experiences the world, and the more one forms proper disposition that defines the morals one defends and those they do not favor.

The search for identity develops an individuals esteem in turn assists in the creation of healthy relationships that make them feel fulfilled. As the book displays two different adaptations of a real world and a wonderland, people are locked in a world with diverse adaptations to what life entails. Therefore, identifying their personalities becomes a priority to gain acceptance in the different dimensions. Consequently, people from different countries value different things that motivate their existence. If an individual travels to a country with a culture that is different, the immediate instinct is to learn their way of life just like Alice experienced in the new land. Moreover, identifying the main aspects of the new culture creates harmony in the new environment since one will blend with the environmental adaptations of the new region (Carroll, 1982). Like Alices adaptation to Wonderland, identifying personality is critical in the world today since it creates a perception that will create or destroy an individuals endeavor towards success. The cultural depiction of identity is crucial in the world, and this is similar to the story.

Language is imperative for various reasons. In the world today, there are different ways to communicate in unique settings. There are different ways to communicate in business environments, technological, social, and legal and so on. Mastering the language of a given situation gives one the confidence to articulate their agenda. Alice in Wonderland takes one through a journey of realization and communication in a new land. Similarly, the culture today instigates that one masters the language of diverse environments to make sure they have blended in successfully. More so, is because altered situations dictate the way one communicates. When one is lost in, a different country one needs to make a critical decision to gain direction to the right juncture. Without language, it is hard for you to communicate with other individuals. It is easy to communicate in the business world if you have experience and the latter is true.

With skillful mastering of language, it becomes easy to bargain your way in the different situation as compared to another person who is new and adapting to the situations. Consequently, language mastering can be considered an adventure in life since different types of discourse reveal themselves in diverse worlds (Carroll, 1982). It is a generic evolution since numerous disciplines require certain language to make sense of what is happening. Like the characters in Wonderland, Alice becomes confused since they do not follow the basic rules of language. The fact makes her adapt to the new environment to relate to what they are saying.


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