Essay Example: Alcohol Awareness Month

Published: 2019-09-17
Essay Example: Alcohol Awareness Month
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The awareness of Alcohol Month has been being sponsored by NCADD annually in since 1987. The intention of this is to increase awareness about dangers of alcohol intake, ensure there is a reduction in stigmatization and also to support the community to have focus on alcoholism and other issues associated with alcoholism (Thombs, 1999). The awareness theme for this year is Talk early, talk often: Parents are able to create a difference in alcohol consumption by teenagers. This year, there will be numerous events in the society or nationally to ensure that the public is educated on the negative effects of alcoholism and how best it can be reduced in the community more so by teenagers (Testino and Borro, 2014). It will also highlight the actions that parents can take to advice their children on the effect of alcoholism and its consequences.

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The events which help in the eradication of alcohol can be sponsored by churches, local NCADD and some NGO. They will participate and ensure that the events that create awareness about alcoholism and its effects are done effectively in order for different households to help some individuals from alcohol related issues. There is adverse effect of the use of alcohol by teenagers to themselves and to the general community (Testino and Borro, 2014). This is because alcohol is able to influence teenagers or young people to involve in activities such as traffic fatalities, violence. Lawlessness, drop in education, unprotected sex. These associated consequences of alcohol can ruin the live of young people and therefore it is important to communicate these kinds of information to the public.

It is a very discouraging for parents to talk to parents about alcoholism and other drugs but it is very important action that parents should take to talk to their children about alcoholism. According to the findings of different researches, they show that 50% of children who have had conversation with their parents about the effects of alcoholism have not been able to take alcohol. In the contrary, 50% of the children who have not been able to talk to their parents about alcoholism are critically involving in alcoholism activities (Thombs, 1999). Chief Executive officer of NCADD, affirms that alcohol and other drug use is very dangerous in the lives of young people but parents have the opportunity to make a difference. It is important to note that when children or youths take a very long period of time to participate in alcohol and drug use, they are likely to develop fewer problems associated with alcoholism (Testino and Borro, 2014). This makes it very significant for parents to advice their children as early as possible to save the lives of their children.

It is also important to take a serious action to those who have developed health problems attributed by alcoholism. The affected people should receive high quality treatment since alcohol dependences is a very serious problem (Thombs, 1999). It is also discovered that not everybody who takes alcohol is alcohol dependent and therefore it is necessary to introduce community and other alcohol prevention strategies such as the increase in the price of alcohol, counseling and reduction of alcohol availability. These strategies will reduce the effects of alcohol and ensure that most heavy drinkers not to access alcohol easily (Testino and Borro, 2014). Finally it is also vital when comprehensive approach is taken to reduce heavy drinking of alcohol. These strategies which can be taken include evidence based community initiative, screening and counseling. These actions will make heavy alcohol drinkers to have a negative opinion about alcohol.

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