Advertisement Analysis Essay Sample

Published: 2020-11-26
Advertisement Analysis Essay Sample
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The power of advertising cannot be overemphasized in the present day world. It is indubitable that all companies are doing their best to ensure that they come up with effective adverts that will help them attract and win over their target customers. Depending on the target audience and factors such as the message that the advertiser wants to convey, media campaigns will use different intensities of lighting and varied shades of color to bring out the desired effect and pass the message correctly. The way an advertisement is presented will hugely determine whether or not it will sell. The colors, the type and size of images, the font size and font type as well as the general composition of an ad will affect its efficiency. It is hence important for marketers to understand the psychology of advertising so that they can be able to create successful media campaigns. In an attempt to analyze the one of LOreals advertisements (see Appendix 1), this paper established that the advertisement has made good use of color, light effects, words and images to pass across its message. The main purpose of the campaign is to promote a set of six lipsticks that come along with complementary finger nail colors. The ad has a touch of class and was designed to target mature ladies.

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The advertisement is a media campaign image to promote a set of LOreals beauty products that consists of six intense and luminous lipsticks that come with complementary nail colors. Most of the campaigns space is covered by a shoulder-level image of a model. The model is a lady who has applied red lipstick and complemented it with red nail colors. To put emphasis on the complementary aspect of these products, the models fingers are spread on her shoulder and kept close enough to her lips, to display the beauty of matching ones lipstick to her fingernails colors. The upper part of the advert is dark, with a black background, while the lower part is dominated by red, and also has the pictures of the products being promoted. The name, LOreal is spread across the first upper eighth of the ad and right below it are the words, Lips and Nails go Intense this Season, Deep, Rich and Perfectly Matched. These words clearly reveal the purpose of the campaign, which is to promote lip and nail products.

My eyes were first drawn to the bottom part of the advertisement when I looked at the picture. This did not just happen once; I still find my eyes being drawn to the bottom part of the media campaign anytime that I try to look at it. I first saw the term, Colour Riche, which is found a few inches from the lower part of the picture. The left end of the lower quarter of the media campaign has the images of the two products that are being promoted, placed adjacent to the term, Colour Riche. The designer of this campaign used light and coloring to create an effect that immediately pulls one's eyes towards the products as soon s one comes in contact with the advert. The upper side of the campaign is dark, and mainly features the face and hair of the model. The background, behind the models head is dark, and her hair is also dark shiny. On the other side, the lower part of the advert is filled with a mixture of red, gold, and white, compounded by the light skin color of the model. The eyes hence get attracted to the lower part of the image since the human eyes are naturally attracted to bright colors. The advertiser created this effect because it is this lower part of the image that conveys the message of the campaign. Color, in this case, has hence been used to repel the eyes from the upper side of the ad, which is less important, to the lower part, which carries the message being conveyed.

The use of texts in the campaign helps enhance the message of the picture. First, the name LOreal has not been emphasized in the image. It appears in capital letters on the first upper eighth of the advertisement, but it has not been repeated anywhere else. The words, Lips and Nails go Intense this Season, Deep, Rich and Perfectly Matched, help to develop the message that these are complementary goods. The first two words of this statement, Lips and Nails, signal that the products being promoted are for the lips and nails. In a creative way, the statement makes use of the name of the products, Intense, and the purpose, Match, to bring out a strong message of a perfect complementary set of beauty products.

This advertisement targets classy ladies or ladies who are looking to add a touch of class to their appearance. It is pretty obvious that men do not use lipsticks and nail colors. Coloring has also been used to show target ladies. Red and gold colors are commonly used to show feminism. In most cases, products that target ladies are usually advertised and even packed in bright colors while those that are meant for men use dark colors. It is hence common to find ladies products in red, pink, light green, orange, and even yellow, unlike male products, which are usually in colors such as black and brown. Additionally, a blend of black and red creates a sense of luxury, power and sophistication. This brings out the message that the products is for classy people, or rather makes one classy and bold. The use of a female model is clear evidence that shows prove that this media campaign was targeting ladies. Otherwise, a male-targeted campaign could have used a male model while a unisex targeted campaign could have made use of both male and female models. The female model has a ring on her finger, which possibly means that she is a married woman. The ring is not a major aspect of the campaign, hence discrediting any thoughts that it was targeting married women. However, one could make an interpretation that the addressees of this advertisement were mostly mature women.

It stands out clear from this analysis that advertisers have a way of conveying their message to their target audience. Just as seen in this essay, one can use combination of different techniques to create a message and pass deliver it effectively. Through good use of color, light effects, texts, and images, it is possible to target a specific group of people and communicate to them.

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