Essay Example on Evolution of Management

Published: 2019-10-30
Essay Example on Evolution of Management
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Training a manager has been the subject of interest in all the industries. It is considered as the logical extension of the principles of employees training although, in the management training, the level must be sophisticated. Making a transition from an individual contributor to managing people is challenging, and one need more than theory to do that. The theory will only help the person to understand how big the commitment is but the best training would be based on the excellent performance and the experience the manager will get from the responsibility (Ali, 2016). Training a manager is like looking in the mirror, putting the seatbelt and driving off in a car. One would need experience more than theory to make the training more concrete. Although the pedagogy is necessary to have the establishment of the institutional settings, the andragogy is more convenient as it allows the manager to have their freedom to develop learning and the existing experience would be important in making new learning efficient.

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Most of the people who come up with the management theories base it on observation and mathematics, but management practice relies on the individual experience of managers in dealing with the situations in the workplace. The effective approach to handling it is by considering both the theoretical part and the practical. The theory alone can face limitations since all the human behavior in business do not regard all the variables, but practice relies on personal opinions of managers and employees in a particular line of work (Ali, 2016). Management practices focus more on the flexibility that the manager has in making decisions and helping the workforce to work and function together. The principles of management are developed through the process of experiment, through observation and deductions. The expansion of the principles relied on forming a conducive environment for the employees without feeling threatened so as to improve production.

The best skill one can get from the college years is how to think and think very well. The person is supposed to learn on how to evaluate an argument and decide the best way to reason out and make a personal decision. Being educated, however, is not the same as being well informed. All this might be strange to most people who went to college since they were brought up to tolerate the viewpoint of others. Common sense cannot be made out of research or common theory (Heskett, 2011). It is related to wisdom from the accumulation of knowledge vs. experience. It is a sound and prudent judgment that comes from the perception of facts of the situations and not necessarily from other peoples point of view.


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