Admission Essay Example for the Master in Nursing

Published: 2022-07-27
Admission Essay Example for the Master in Nursing
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My nursing practice experiences and the goals of the Master in Nursing

I choose to pursue a Master program in the Nursing option based on my belief that it could be the right profession for me. I believe that I am suited to become a nurse practitioner. Pursuing the program at Master academic level will give me more experience to deliver quality services in the field. I am looking forward to gaining sufficient skills that. I have also realized that all my qualities tend to point in this direction.

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The profession requires someone who is very compassionate and warm to others; this is an aspect of quality that I have. I am able to communicate properly and friendly with others. On this note, I reflect on my ability to demonstrate a great level of communication skills as this will be necessary while attending to patients and their families. Besides, Nurse Practice requires one to have the ability to earn fast, and I realized that I have the quality I have demonstrated in my previous academic programs. The program I am yet to pursue will, therefore, prepare appropriately to fit in the sector Nursing Practice. I am aware that I will encounter some activities and duties in the field which are relatively challenging to accomplish. Therefore, I consider the program to be necessary to equip me with specific skills to help handle the NP tasks professionally and effectively.

My understanding of the full scope of practice of the nurse practitioner (NP) role in BC.

My adequate knowledge of the scope of the role of the Nurse Practitioners (B.C) in the British Columbia is also an inspiring issue since it provides the setting that will inform some standards to be considered in the NP in the area. I am informed that the role of Nurse practitioners have given expanded roles in the hospitals in B.C. which allows them to offer admission and discharge to patients. The effort to expand their roles is very desirable o me as it is associated with some efficiency based on its potential to save time for nurses, doctors, and patients concerning health care delivery.

The program, therefore, gives the NP more significant tasks which require that one has acquired more skills in the area. Before, did not have the opportunity to sign off discharge and admission.

How my academic education and practice experiences to date contribute to preparation for Family Nurse Practitioner studies and my commitment to and knowledge of this advanced practice role in health care in BC.

I have known the profession of Nursing Practice to be one that gives one an opportunity to provide care to patients. My experience and previous studies in this area have prepared me adequately to pursue this career at this given level; I have been influenced to be ready to undertake more duties than the scope of the previous nurse tasks. This will, therefore, enable me to fit in the requirements of the field more so after completing my master program as a Nurse Practitioner, I am ready to complete to any amount of duty concerning providing healthcare for the patients and this makes me feel that I fit in the program in question.

The current nurse practitioners at some points have shared duties with the health institution doctors. The move is therefore meant to provide healthcare services evenly in all the areas of BC. This is possible since the registered nurses are allowed to perform what other doctors would do. I am glad and, given the opportunity, I believe I will complete my studies and improve my skills as a Nurse Practitioner.

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