Essay Example Describing Early Christian Lives

Published: 2022-04-19
Essay Example Describing Early Christian Lives
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The lives of early Christians are typically brought out in such a way that the characters are always drawn as good examples for their heroic acts. Among the most presented life is that of Martin tours. Martin is an excellent example of early Christians whose life is described in the Early Christian Lives by sulpicius Severus. The author of this book takes the reader on a journey through his life from a young soldier to a grown man who is well established in the faith. The book describes the life of Martin while he was serving as a soldier and also while he was converted to Christianity. All the acts carried out by Martin are all heroic, and they signify the role monks should play in the church and also in the society today. Martin was a kind man who carried out heroic acts in the course of his life. The content of this paper tries merely to argue his acts as the roles of monks both in the church and also in society.

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At the first chapters of this work, we find Martin who is still a soldier he performed an act which could almost be considered as his first miracle. In the course of their tours with his fellow soldiers, Martin ran into a beggar who was naked and also in search of help. Martin took pity on the man's situation and decided to be a Good Samaritan by clothing him using his cloak. This act was very heroic, and he set a good example as everyone else stayed away from him. His act was a good demonstration of how people should help the needy in the society. To be specific, although Martin had not yet become saved, he played a role that was supposed to be performed by monks in those days. Helping the needy and those in pursuit of pity was a role left to monks. This act amazed people as he was not a monk something that inspired him to retire from his current position as a soldier and become a devoted man of God.

Martin became devoted to the teachings of God and at a point in his life, he travelled to different places and encountered different sorts of people. In his encounter with these people, Martin influenced their religious beliefs and intern he converted them to Christianity. He also helped individuals who were confused about which religion they should join and even those that had the urge to be converted to Christianity. The writer of this script brought out in such a way that Martin's acts of converting people to Christianity was proof of his faith in God. Martin converting people to Christianity was a good thing as Christianity offers peace of mind and comfort to those who are suffering. Although at this time Martin was just a believer he had taken the roles of monks by spreading the gospel and converting people to Christianity. His actions were not only exemplary but also an indication that shows the early Christians took the initiative of playing the role of monks in the society through their acts of faith.

However, the journey was not easy as Martin faced challenges in his mission just like all the other subjects in this writings. Martin at one time suffered temptations which occurred inform of the devil testing him. The devil appeared to him in human form in an attempt to get hit to stray off course. Martin did not bend low as he overcame the devil by quoting the scriptures "The Lord is my helper; I will not fear what a man can do to me". This act was very heroic as he faced the challenge using what the scriptures dictated and thus he set a good example for fellow Christians. Monks also were supposed to do the same act he did. They were supposed to be conversant with the scriptures and thus effectively defend themselves from temptations and also opposition from other religions. Monks are supposed to defend what they believe in which is Christianity.

Monks in the society are also endowed with the role of taking out exorcism and even driving out demons. Monks are expected to be people who are holy and pure and thus they should work in collaboration with the Holy Spirit to help them drive out demons from individuals who have been possessed. Monks have played efficiently this role something that is exhibited by the subject in Early Christian Lives by sulpicius Severus. The main subject Martin becomes a bishop due to his popularity, and thus he took on exorcisms and was granted authority over demons. He used his power to derive out demons who had taken over innocent bodies. This was a role played by monks but in the course of his acts of faith to reduce suffering to humans, Martin played this role in the name of religion.

The subjects in the early Christian lives are very religious and men of faith. Their acts are very religious and carried out to help the poor and those suffering. Martin deeds are the best example of these deeds. All his actions are all that a Christian is expected to do, and in the course of his travels, he plays the role of monks. Among the character he plays includes casting away demons and also helping the poor and the week such as the naked beggar.

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