Essay Sample: Achieving Competitive Separation

Published: 2022-12-20
Essay Sample: Achieving Competitive Separation
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Education is the most precious gift that an individual can get in life. It equips one with the knowledge required to traverse daily life. No one can take away the knowledge you have acquired from education. Knowledge is not perishable nor does it lose value but once acquired it remains throughout a person's life. With me acquiring a degree in business I will be nearing my career field which is in the business specialty. My family is an excellent source of motivation in the pursuit of my career. I get encouraged to perform well so that I can live a better life in the future and that's why I want to continue my academic success.

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Career Goals and How I Will Secure Unique Skills and Experience

Specialization in business management is crucial for me because I have a high aspiration to manage business projects effectively. Moreover, I like working and managing people. Also, I am much interested in designing effective business-related strategies. I want to specialize in business and study my Bachelor's degree to become a seasoned professional in business management. I have various careers goals that I would like to achieve in life however, my primary career goal is to develop effective management and leadership skills to apply these skills in my business management practice. Other goals include; to improve my class performance so that I can have extensive knowledge to assist me in professional decision making. I aim to develop excellent technical expertise to use new technologies in my business practice. This goal is motivated by the fact that the business environment is dynamic; thus I am obliged to gain top-notch technological knowledge that I can apply in my business management practice.

I envision to equip myself with additional more business management strategies that can be instrumental in my practice. Since business requires strategic management, I endeavor to acquire the necessary plans that help make strategic decisions to steer the company in the upward trajectory. I aim to identify and resolve business and related organizational problems. Business and organizations are faced by challenges that if not well mitigated can lead to the collapse of a firm. As such, I look forward to gaining experience that can assist me in dealing with all challenges that can arise in a business unit. I aim to develop practical communication skills that are required to achieve strategic goals. Communication is an essential element in all business organizations as such; I seek to cultivate effective communication methods that can assist me in passing on messages successfully in a business entity.

I aim to acquire more knowledge of strategic business planning. A business cannot perform optimally without strategic plans. Strategic planning plays a critical role in an organization since it offers a sense of direction and highlights measurable goals. I aim to use my skills and abilities to maintain excellent performance. A bright career future in business management requires outstanding academic performance. Thus, I intend to score high grades in my subjects and especially those related to business so that I can have an assurance of getting admission to study business management at the university. I envision to do all I can to maintain constancy in class attendance. Good grades come along with attending all classes and listening attentively to the teachers. I aim to ensure that I attend all classroom session so that I can get firsthand information from my tutors.

I have an aim to do all the related academic work on time and do extra work and practice to get more knowledge. A visionary student does more than what the teacher offers in class. I endeavor to dedicate all my time in actual classwork and complete all my assignments within the stipulated timeframes. I aim to understand all the business process involved in the real cooperate world. This knowledge will give me the required approaches to manage and work with people who will be under my leadership. I endeavor to develop the right attitude towards proper business practices and to develop appropriate coexistence with people of diverse cultures. In a business setting, people come from different ethnicities and cultural contexts. Therefore, it is needful for a business manager to be social and easily adaptable to people from different backgrounds.

I understand that my career success highly depends on my academic achievements and ability to steer business to develop. I know that business is a challenging field to pursue. I will focus on my professional development. Firstly, I will attend many workshops and training related to the business field to give me the skills to improve my career. I will also read more books in the area of business so that I can acquire excellent management skills. Books can be a great source of motivation for aspiring business managers. I will invest a significant portion of my time in visiting libraries and online sources where I can acquire books to read and expand my knowledge scope in business management.

Moreover, I will identify a role model in the field of business management. My role model will be a performer in business management. When I see the person I look forward to performing well I will get the motivation to achieve my goals and achieve my dream of becoming a business manager.

As a way to achieve my goal of being a good business manager in the future I plan to put into practice what I have learned in class. Practicing to do a particular job gives a person the best exposure and proper performance. A good business manager is the one who can transfer theoretical knowledge into real-world perform. The transfer of classroom knowledge into practical work can only be done through practice. I plan to dedicate most of my time into internships and attachments whenever I go for holidays. The exercise I will do will equip me with the hands-on experience required to fulfill my goal of serving as a business manager.

To be a successful business manager, it is not only critical to developing strong social relations but also good intuition. Proper intuition helps a business manager to make effective management decisions. I require overall knowledge in human resource management, accounting, and marketing. I will put an effort to understand all the concepts related to the fields which are vital in business management. I plan to work hard to ensure that I can grasp all the concepts taught in class and figure out how I can implement them in an active business environment. I plan to conceptualize all the knowledge that will be imparted on me so that I can have the required skills on reach whenever I am want to apply them in my practice.

How I Will Create a Personal Brand

I am working on boosting self-confidence so that I can achieve my career goals. I need to overcome my fears so that I can realize my career goals. I purpose to build intrinsic confidence to tell me that I can do exceptionally well in all the work that I dedicate my life. Firstly, I will ensure that my image is presentable in terms of dress and physical grooming. Secondly, I will work on developing good speaking skills. When a person can communicate effectively, then there is an increase in the level of self-trust and consequently self-confidence. An increase in self-esteem will ensure that I can achieve my career goals. The most significant transformation in life is the change of mindset. I believe that when the mind is changed even other elements of the human domain can follow suit. When I make up my mind that I can do all things confidently, then I will be at a better position to develop the right attitude to aid me to accomplish my career goals.

I plan to be proactive in answering business-related questions so that I can gain the needed exposure and knowledge in the management role. Whenever I have free time after studies, I will organize a group of other like-minded students to discuss and review our level of knowledge in business management. Moreover, I plan to provide a general direction in our classroom activities. A business manager is a leader. One of the primary functions of a business manager is to give guidance to other company employees. Therefore, I need to assume leadership roles in the small activities that we usually conduct in school. Additionally, I plan to share insights in my area of specialization with others. Sharing points with colleagues broaden one level of understanding in a particular subject.

Personal branding provides various benefits to a person's life and career. It assists one to build confidence while gaining trust, authenticity, and reliability. It is critical for an individual to develop professionally while creating a personal brand. First, to create a personal brand I will optimize all my social media profiles to be in line with business management. I will update my LinkedIn profile to reflect my expertise in the field of business management. I will write an impressive profile that will show my knowledge. Currently, the hiring manager looks for prospective employees on job oriented platforms such as LinkedIn. This will help people to know my interests and thus market my skills.

I will figure out ways to make my branding statement desirable. Most employers get to know a person based on their branding statements. A personal branding statement is the first thing that an employer gets to read first about a prospective job candidate. The first impression is important because it influences how an employer forms perception towards a job seeker. I will review my branding statement and make it more desirable. Most job seekers fail to be invited for interviews because of wrong selection of personal branding statements. A job seeker's branding statement is the most effective tool that can provide immediate information about a person looking for a job. I will write my branding statement under my LinkedIn profile so that it can be viewed easily by prospective employers.

Business management is a career that has been in existence for a significant period. As such, it has well-developed platforms that people can share their knowledge and expertise with future employers. I will write a post related to business management practice and upload it on business management blog site as a guest. When people read the post, some will be interested in me and search my name on google. Hopefully, my name will show up when a person searches my name on google. If a hiring manager sees a post I have uploaded when he/she searches on google, I think they will be impressed and probably call me for a discussion.

There are many affordable content management systems on the internet. Different content management systems can be useful tools for personal branding. The internet contains numerous sites such as word press and Wix which can help one to showcase their skills. I will open my blog site in WordPress where I can share my skills with the world. I will be writing excellent articles associated with proper practices in business management. Such topics will provide essential insights to practitioners and those aspiring to be future managers. I will also incorporate a comments section where visitors to my site can give their feedback to my insights. Moreover, I will create a contact form that visitors can fill and communicate with me about the content. In the process of writing, a business manager can identify my talent, skill, and knowledge this offering me a chance to work in their company.

A book can speak more about a person's knowledge. As part of personal branding, I will consolidate all my knowledge in a book. When people read my book, they will know my level of knowledge and ideas I have in the business management field.

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