Career Goals Essay Sample: Accounting Job Interviews

Published: 2019-10-28
Career Goals Essay Sample: Accounting Job Interviews
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In Accounting and Finance, there are many career paths that one can take since these courses apply in different areas. Auditing is one of the most challenging and case-sensitive roles that an individual with skills in finance, economics, and accounting can pursue. Auditing entails assessing the different systems applied in a company and reporting on their viability and applicability within the entity. Internal auditors act as the overseeing committee that advises the management and gives an account of the processes used by the entity. Assessing the internal controls within the company is also a primary responsibility for the internal auditors. They are, therefore, advisors on the best financial reporting and preparing methods as well as advising on the best internal controls that can be adopted by an entity. Auditing has a broad scope of different aspects that encompass accounting, finance, and economics. This makes it an ideal area of expertise that can help in learning a different view of these subjects as an auditor. The information and challenges that are perched for the role of an intern in a company such as PNC would offer massive experience and develop a better understanding of these topics. It would also be an eye opener since one would understand the different attributes and aspects at the workplace.

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One of the greatest challenges of an internal audit job is the tremendous workload that one has to sift through. Auditors are renowned for their attention to detail and maintain a critical eye on the books of accounts and the internal control systems. As an internal auditor, one has to go through all the details from comparing the receipts and other small sections in the company. The sales processes, depreciation of items and the evaluation methods would all be evaluated for their applicability to the enterprise. The workload that accompanies an internal auditor is massive, and one has to be committed and focused on meeting these objectives in the society.

Auditing offers an excellent opportunity to be part of the decision-making processes within the company. Internal auditors are responsible for advising the management on the best approaches that need to be adopted by the firm to ensure that they meet the goals and objectives of the enterprise. This will, therefore, give me a chance to be part of the decision-making processes within the company as the internal audit department formulates the best approaches for the enterprise. There is a wealth of experience that I stand to gain from the information and data that I will be examining and analyzing. The role offers an opportunity to connect and widen the scope of knowledge since I will be communicating and reviewing different books of accounts and decisions in the company. Gaining experience on the best internal controls and learning from other auditors as well as the management will also be a significant boost. There are a lot of resources and people who can enrich my experiences and capability thereby, increasing my potential in different fields and roles in my future.

PNC Bank offers an opportunity in different areas and experiences in the banking sector. The wealth of clients and a good system of internal controls also makes it a good company to work in as an intern. The number of opportunities and scenario where I would have the opportunity to connect and develop models that would be essential in the company are vast. The size of the Bank is expected to increase meaning that there is a chance to develop my skills and engage in other major entities in future.

One of my strengths is the fact that I have worked in the banking sector. I have had experience in two different positions that align with the banking industry, therefore; I have the background to work well in the financial sector. Diversity in the different roles that I have occupied in the past means that I have the fortitude of different experiences and a broad scope that has been essential in my field. I have gained an understanding of the financial markets, capital investments and taxation that are valuable tools and aspects needed in banking sector and services accordingly. At PNC, I look forward to gaining ample information and experience that will elevate my potential and skills even further. One of my major weaknesses is the lack of experience as an auditor. Although I have been involved in the banking sector, I have no prior knowledge in auditing posing a major challenge in the new role.

I am a committed individual who is eager to learn in any role that I will be assigned. I am driven and motivated since I want to work in the banking industry in future and know the experience gained in the company will be very helpful. I work well under pressure, and I have gained different experiences over the years as I look to change and develop my skills in the field for the future. I work well with a team, and I am detail oriented in the roles that I have had in the past. I am a good communicator and well versed in verbal and written communication skills.

I have worked as an assistant branch manager and had extensive connections with a lot of people in the role. I had the leadership qualities to control and direct more than 100 individuals in a day, and I always took the opportunity to help others. I have held different leadership positions in school, and I was a team leader, and my role as a tutor has also been of massive contribution to the same effect. I have been committed towards that duty and look to engage with others towards achieving the set goals and objectives within the company. Time is one of the most important aspects of any role. Therefore, I am committed to meeting deadlines that have been set. I am sensitive to the different time schedules that have been set and will always ensure that I have developed the specific tools and models that are critical for the company.

Cleveland is one of the branches that are under PNC and although it is not too large, it still has all the aspects that are needed to develop within the career. However, Cleveland offers the opportunity to connect and engage with other branches that are under PNC. The number of customers who are served by the department means that I will have an excellent opportunity to gain from a large number of people working at the branch. I would, however, wish to work in the banking audit team since it has different opportunities and is in line with the subjects that I am taking in school. It offers an opportunity to gain in financial and accounting services that are critical in finishing my course. It also provides a wide array of possibilities that I can pursue once I have finished schooling.

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