News Stories about Protected Areas, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-28
News Stories about Protected Areas, Free Essay Sample
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Describe a news story that discusses the positive and the negative values of a protected area.

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News from environmental evidence has indicate that there are both positive and negative impact associated with the protected area. These impacts are basically associated with the human well-being especially for those living around the protected areas. From the news, some protected areas have positive impacts such as the protection of threated wild life animals. For instance the white lions in Africa. The parks where few remaining white lions are found have been protected area and has help prevent the extinction of the breed. On the other hand negative impact has been seen in relation to the protected area. The governments in different countries with these areas have spent a lot of finances so as to maintain these protected areas. The people in these countries have experiences poverty and some people feel that the government should use this money to help fight the poverty problems within its country rather than spend the money on the protected areas. The news has covered more on the impacts associated with protected area.

Source of the news and information: Human well-being impacts of terrestrial protected areas from the website: a news about the creation of a new protected area:

Last year Smart news reported the establishing of the largest Marine protected area in North America. This would protect over 57000 square miles around the Revillagigedo Island in Mexico and prevent activities such as fishing and settling in the Island. Other restricted activities include the prevention of construction of tourism hotels on the island or other tourism infrastructure which may endanger the reserve, mining and extractive industries will also be restricted from taking up any activities in the island. The island is the home for endangered birds and plants. The declaration by the government aimed at ensuring these lives are protected. Also the water offshore support over 366 species of fishes which also include 26 endemic and on top of that 37 species of ray and sharks. The Behemoth whale sharks being the most endangered species are found hear as well. Due to all these and more reasons the creation of the protected area acts as a home for all these animals and plants and the call to create the PA was valid.

The source of the news being SmartNews and the website is:

Describe a news story about the elimination or the reduction of protected areas.

The leading news on the elimination of the protected areas was by the US president in the year 2017 where he travelled to Salt Lake City and announced the big news which was aimed at cutting 85 percent of the vast Bears ears National monument and 45 percent of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. As a result of these government decision the president opened up doors for energy exploration as well as other commercial use within the areas. These areas have been home for 100 000 archeological sites. Looking at this information, this is direct elimination of the protected areas especially in the United States. The government has played a huge role in this endeavor which many people have termed as ironical decisions while others opposed these new changes made by the president.

This information was received from the Eyethunew the website Url being:

Describe a news story about the challenges the park managers face

News from Peak district national park covers on the challenges park managers undergo in there line of duty. The most addressed challenge was on managing a park as a sustainable tourist destination while realizing the potential threat this has on the park such as the endangerment of the parks environment. With this in mind the task of the park manager becomes hard as the tourists number rises. The news shows that, as the number of tourist increases the more chances of damaging the environment hence a balance between the two is to be upheld. Keeping the tourist flowing in should be observed and in the meantime the environment observed. This aims at keeping the impact to the environment at a low level while on the other hand bringing a positive economic and social benefit to the community or the society.

The source of the news being Peak District National Park Management plan and the website's Url being:

Describe a news story about the use of Natural resources in protected areas

News from Science News indicates that natural resources in protected areas have been misused in several occasions and still being misused. There were 27 types of illegal use of natural resources that were found and reported. These illegal activities cause the suppression and degradation of the vegetation in the reserved areas. A good example is of Brazil Amazon. It is the world's largest rain forest which hosts astonishing levels of biodiversity and is crucial to global climate regulation. Illegal use of natural resources within the protected areas is still evident despite the increased protection policies. The natural canopy provided by the rain forest provides cover for the illegal activities. This allows for the illegal activities to run unnoticed. Source of the information is the Science daily news from the website link below:

Describe a news story about how protected areas can help fight the negative climate changes or how climate changes will hurt protected areas

News from FOA organization indicate 100000 areas in the world have been covered under protected areas. They cover a wide range of the earth's surface hence protecting the areas from different human being activities which erode the earth and result to climatic changes. Deforestation is one of the leading problems in many places in the world which lead to climatic changes but this has been reduced in protected areas hence helping reduce the climatic changes. Protected areas with rivers and lakes have been protected from misuse which helps sustain biodiversity of different areas in different places where protected areas are located, climatic changes has been slightly controlled. The news source being:

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