The Van Cortlandt Park, Tourism Essay Example for Students

Published: 2022-09-05
The Van Cortlandt Park, Tourism Essay Example for Students
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The New York is a known hub for tourist activities. The fact the State has numerous attraction and nature sites means that a reasonable amount of revenue is obtained from the tourism sector. One of the common places in the state is the Van Cortlandt Park. I had a chance to visit the park, and the visit inflicted mixed feelings. To some extent, the nature trail met the expectations that at hand. At the same time, I did not see I expected to see. However, when it came to having fun, I enjoyed myself. After all, the beauty of the land alone is enough to bring about some joy. I had the first-hand encounter with nature. The positive side of the hike overpowered the negative. The stuffing was excellent.

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One of the most enjoyable parts of the hike was going down into the lake for some swimming. I am addicted to swimming and so on seeing the lake; I could not hesitate. On the same note, I had a chance to take part in a golf match. The park is an excellent place if they can afford both a lake and a golf course. At the same time, I was lucky to witness horse raising. It was fun watching those animals racing. The other activity that made my day was bird watching. The birds were nice and of different colors. The hectic part of the hike is that we were denied access to some of the areas with fake excuses that time was up. Nevertheless, that was something small that could not dilute the fun of the day.

The terrain of the land inside the park makes it hard for individuals with disabilities. Individuals who have issues with their legs are particularly the most affected. There are areas where the wheelchairs cannot access like on the top of the rocks. Individuals without the arms are likely to suffer as well as some part of the walk requires balance. Other forms of disabilities are never a big deal as the tour guides are there to help them. Activities like bird watching can, however, be effective for even for the crippled.

The security of the park is not all that bad. There is security personnel deployed at various points of the facility. At the same time, officers are handling the various entry points whose work is to frisk individuals so that harmful materials do not get their way into the park. There are also first aiders who accompany groups in the hiking just in case a slight accident occurs. The same case happens to the lake region. Generally, the security of the place is good. However, there is a precaution that people have to walk in groups while going deep into the bushes.

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