A Survey of Qualitative Data Collection Methods - Paper Example

Published: 2023-12-25
A Survey of Qualitative Data Collection Methods - Paper Example
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The chapter summarizes qualitative data collection methods, which vary based on a qualitative research study employed. Most of the expressed methods include; interviewing various participants, conducting surveys, and observation. Each method gathers information/data concerning the nature of the study and the trustworthiness of the analysis. In qualitative research, the researcher is regarded as the primary data collection instrument, as it seems that the researcher is the main target in any method of analysis. Therefore, the chapter summarizes surveys of several data collection methods that are often used by qualitative research in data collection and analysis. The reflection will focus on various data collection methods and their impression on the researcher.

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Interviewing of participants

Most qualitative research methods rely on interviews and interaction with its participants. The structure of an interview lies in a set of prepared questions that are being asked to each participant to obtain a general knowledge of the research. Based on people's reactions, interviews are being conducted with only one person interested in the focus content. An interview is performed in a setup that represents the diverse landscape of cultural and social settings. To conduct an interview, there is a need to consider the principal members and their interests based on the topic. If a research question is based on a specific subset of individuals, then it is perfect for the background experience and history of the interviewee as this opens up the cohort for change. For trustworthy and credible findings, there is a need to encourage people to interact and recommend the interview.

The optimal choice in qualitative research is to interview people you have never met before, as they are merely acquainted with the exact data/information needed. In interview preparation, one has to conduct the participants and negative on the location and time of the meeting. It is good to conduct your participants one day and alert them before the day of the interview. There is a need to brief the interviewer on what will be covered during the interview session as this gives the participants a general knowledge of information of what will be covered. In the interview session, there is a need for freedom and positive interaction, making each free to interact and give out his/her suggestions. Most of the questions that are strategically posed to participants must have some clue of daily activities to solicit a more profound response. In a qualitative research interview, there is a need to consider closed-ended questions, asking multiple questions in a single prompt that is related and asking the research in a free manner view.

In interview documentation, there is a need to reflect on the personal interview opinion as this will be sufficient for the data collection. Most interviews prefer video recording, which can transform the information and save it for future reference. In an interview, there is a need for freedom to obtain the dynamic of data. In an interview, there is a need to maintain etiquette and respect. Before the date of the qualitative interview, it is good to arrive at the location on time to ensure everything is set before the arrival of the interviewees.

Participant observation

It gives us a reflection of the research view and ethnography. In observation, the main goal is to capture people's actions and attention based on their thinking and feelings. In participant observation, it is good to consider the participant taking action by watching the daily response keenly. In this case, there is a need for a qualitative researcher to consider the natural settling of the environment. In observation, location and participation can vary depending on the nature and size of the fieldwork. In observation, fieldwork needs fieldwork, which ensures that one can observe the general scheme based on the primary environment and field site. In observation, there is a need to consider action, interaction, and reaction based on participants' influence. In the participant's observation, there is a need for a field site that is used to suggest participants' settling and interaction. In qualitative research, there is a need to reflect on a document to focus on value systems and ideologies, which vary from one participant to the other.

In document evaluation, there is a crucial need to validate previous interactions by voluntarily asking questions to gather information and most of the reflexed data. It is substantive to ensure that the information presented in the document has some questions for evaluation. In qualitative research, there is a need to focus on content analysis based on information from media materials. The collection of data through this technique indeed leads to an optimal allocation of information. Most of the forms of data methods deployed in Chapter 2 have fully shown that the researcher can interact with any participants. Storage of data through media means that the involved participants can evaluate and reflect on their location and material culture. The research might primarily depict that culture is vital in qualitative research as it validates one's social life. Overall, chapter 2 reflection on qualitative methods of data collection has shown a need for positive involvement of participants and researchers. Any data collection has to be reviewed based on strategies deployed and the quality of the study as it is supposed to explore research design and other consequential analyses.

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