Essay Sample: A Summary of the Article on Women and Sports in the United States

Published: 2021-01-25
Essay Sample: A Summary of the Article on Women and Sports in the United States
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The article on women and sports in the United States can be summarized comprehensively. The main theme of the article is the involvement of women in sports and the criticism that follows. Women play an integral part in various activities. Besides, sport is of these activities. However, sports for several years have favored the male sex. The article presents views on the reasons as to why women are restricted from participating in sports just like in the medieval times. During the 1920s people believed that the involvement of women in sports was a taboo.

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Women who participated in sports were viewed as outcasts. Men used their masculinity to criticize women in order for them not to compete in sports. The article further touches on the issues affecting lesbians in sports. Moreover, lesbians experience stigma in the society as portrayed in the article. The article also highlights the stages of homophobia that are portrayed in sports by women. The criticism mainly involves lesbians in sports and the challenges they go through. The article identifies some of the various sports that lesbians get involved in. An example of such a game is volleyball. There are misconceptions and lies that linger within the field of sports. These misconceptions do affect the womens participation in sports. The gap between gender and sex is noticeable in the field of sports.

A few case studies of participants have been used in order to give an opinion on what the reasons are for looking down upon women in sports. These case studies clearly show how the women are viewed. Men perceive women to be sexual objects that only participate in sports in order to entertain the men. The article also tries to give an opinion on whether women are used in sports to satisfy mens curiosity to view their bodies.

The transformation that has been seen in womens sports has motivated more women to engage in the different sports that are available. With many women actively participating in these sports, it has been noted that the society has changed its perception on the fixed roles of women. Engaging in sports has turned out to be one way of earning a living for many all over the world; women inclusive. Those women that have passion in sports, for instance, Serena Williams, consider the games that they play as their careers. Therefore, they have earned themselves popularity and respect out of engaging in sports. One of the interesting aspects is that women have confidently come out to disapprove critics of their ability to engage in games that are dominated by women. In this way, they participate in breath-taking games such as body building, car racing as well as weight lifting.

Dedication to the game that one has interest in usually pays. The different personalities who are female that have succeeded in the world of sports, especially in the United States have devoted themselves to achieve this. The notion that women cannot be able to engage in some sports that have been considered for men is no longer being entertained. People that still see it as weird thing for women to participate in football, tennis, athletics, and hockey among other sports are those that believe in stereotyping. Nowadays matches for women tournaments are attended by a large number of spectators and fanatics similar to those for men. All of the aspects that have been revealed in sports regarding women indicate that sports are not an activity that is monopolized by men.

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