Essay Example: A Message to Garcia

Published: 2017-10-02
Essay Example: A Message to Garcia
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An American soldier is tasked with the responsibility of delivering a message to a Cuban rebel leader during the Spanish-American war. The soldier delivers the message without any complaints or asking many questions. The book conveys the rather simple yet hard to achieve message that when asked to perform a task, don’t ask why, when, how or where, just do it.

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War was being waged at Cuba. Garcia was a general in the army allied to the American cause. Young Rowan was the messenger and would take about three weeks exploring the jungle to accomplish his mission. Rowan’s sense of discipline and obedience has served as an example to be emulated by soldiers ever since his deeds were put in writing. A message to Garcia began as an article and was later distributed as a pamphlet to the US army. Within no time it would spread throughout Europe and Russia, signifying how important it is to just do as told, with no questions asked.

The author carries the feelings of his time, which still persists even to date. The solution to the problem is however just within us. Moral stupidity, the infirmity of the will all work in making the realization of pure socialism a pipe dream, hard to realize. The world would be far much ahead if every individual would work to their level best for their own gain and the society at large. A message to Garcia teaches us that we have the innate ability to work hard and figure out solutions to the problems we face. This is what the Marines stand for: getting the work done without asking for any help because within us lies the ability to accomplish our tasks.

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