Free Essay wiith a Discussion on Social Networking

Published: 2022-09-23
Free Essay wiith a Discussion on Social Networking
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Technology develops and improves over time, and the world has become a village where people virtually interact and model the social norms and behavior of other individuals (Boulianne 525). The use of social media platforms, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snap chat, and Twitter, have brought up a new community form where people tend to interact globally by easing information acquisition, sharing and transfer it from one point to another. Thus, influencing social lifestyle, behavior, communication, and thinking of people.

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Personally, social media has tendencies to nurture and influence my way of thinking just like it has done to millions of youths that use the virtual networking platforms. I tend to spend more time browsing and chatting through Facebook and Instagram to obtain news and information about new models of fashion, the best designer of shoes, clothes, and cosmetics. The new media socialization provides immediate information of on lifestyle of youth in Malaysia, or Spain in which I often find it appealing to assimilate. Compared to face-to-face interaction, the media channels provide an easy to socialize community at the comfort of your bed. Moreover, it has been educative since some Facebook pages and groups are full of professional information, hosting expert opinions from where I obtain some crucial information. In the end, the new media has reduced the distance that I require to host direct conversations with friends as well as consult professors for my education purposes.

Each technology has advantages and disadvantages that they bring to society. Beginning with pros of the social media, first, the network provides real-time and instant information since we don't need landlines, or newspapers to communicate and obtain discoveries of what has happened in another place (Boulianne 530. The social network does not only provide opportunities to entrepreneurs but also fun and enjoyment to users who listen and watch music and videos across the channels (Boulianne 530). On the other hand, social media addiction has come as a disadvantage leading to overwhelming of fake information that a time misleads youths. Privacy issues of peoples' lives are not protected much since people share geographical locations and other personal credentials. The use of social media has raised concerns about the negligence of duty at home and workplace as parents give much attention to phones than their children needs.

Social networking is changing society's made social structure by becoming a new global village with its social lifestyle. Initially, people used to make family congregation and community meetings to unite people, but eventually, that is being eroded as people prefer more the online interaction instead of offline. Through online interaction, people tend to neglect their cultural ties and emulate those of people from a distant place.

Conclusively, people should care about the extent to which they use the social media and the implication it has on their life. Every person has a traditional culture made to regulate their conduct which varies across communities. As much as we embrace the virtual community, we must critically think and filter out what adds value to our lives.

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