Problem Definition Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-08
Problem Definition Essay Samples
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Define conflict

When two people develop mutual interests and affection towards each other, they form a bond known as friendship. Once people become friends, they set expectations, consciously or subconsciously, for behavior towards each other and form an unspoken rule of conduct. These expectations in most cases create the ground for conflict between friendships when one party goes against the rules. Being let down by a friend breeds different emotions like anger, hatred, disappointment, hurt and mistrust. People who were once close become instant enemies. Any feeling of warmth turns cold, and all form of affection is withdrawn until the conflict issue is resolved.

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Fear definition

Human beings are always faced with fear, which always stems from the lack of knowledge about forthcoming events. Besides, fear ensues from unexpected circumstances that always affect one’s normal psychological status; hence, dent the normal functioning of a person. Overcoming fear is a daunting task that calls for determination and consistency in achieving the set targets within a given social or physical realm. Moreover, one has to assess the factors that brew the fear, and develop efficient measures to either avoid or tackle them. Therefore, fear may elicit other undesirable states of mind, which end up compelling an individual to embrace an irrational stance in tackling different scenarios. People under the spell of fear should first share the perturbing issue with their close friends or relatives, who may be well placed to offer advice on the appropriate action to consider. Besides, for one to realize positive results from the counseling, he should ensure that the information availed to the concerned party is accurate. Through trust and an open forum, the concerned parties will come up with an amicable solution to tackle the fear. However, in case there is no solution accrued, the victim of fear should consider visiting a professional counselor.

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