A Complaint Letter Example to the Manager of Express Store, Free Paper Sample

Published: 2022-07-20
A Complaint Letter Example to the Manager of Express Store, Free Paper Sample
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The purpose of writing this letter is to demonstrate how perturbed I was over a recent occurrence that took place at your store. Three days ago, I was doing my usual shopping at this location. At around 3 pm on 27 August 2018, I received appalling customer service.

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While shopping, I requested one of the associates for help carrying the 20 liters of cooking fat from the shelf because from where it had been placed, it was too difficult for me to get it. Moreover, currently, I am experiencing a serious back problem. The associate whose name read Jon according to the tag he was wearing sneered and rolled his eyes in response to my request. He rudely stated that he had to go, eat to rejuvenate his energy so he can come and assist me.

Standing there frustrated over the ordeal, I approached another associate 15 minutes later. I requested another associate named Paul for assistance. He bluntly turned me down stating that it was not in his job description to assist clients to obtain whatever they want and besides he was tired. He even suggested that I could exit the store if that is what I want because after all, many people visit the store so I would not make any difference if I were to stop shopping at that store.

I felt more humiliated asking Paul for assistance. People began gathering around the spot where we were having a conversation, and one kind customer helped me reach out for the cooking fat and placed it on my trolley. Most of the people around were stunned by the ignominy of the associate and felt pity for me for the harassment I had experienced.

I was very touched by the kindness of the customer and how he defended me from the associate. I am very grateful for the generous customer that took time to attend to my needs because if it were not for him, I would have left the store without the product that I wanted. I also would like to acknowledge the kindness of one female associate whose tag name read "Annalise," who came and apologized on behalf of Paul for the frustration I had undergone.

I have been shopping from the store for more than ten years and never received such treatment. I feel extremely disappointed at the way the two men handled things, and I feel like they could have done better. I guess the two associates are new and maybe they have not yet learned the culture of the store and interpersonal skills because that was all strange to me.

Although I feel that this isolated case would not make me stop visiting the store, I feel like if such attitude does not stop, it may contribute to customers switching to a different store and would tarnish the outstanding company image that has taken longer to build. My humble request is that the human resource department should take time to train the associates on how to interact with customers productively. It is imperative to me that this incident does not repeat itself to either me or any other customer.

I hope to get a response from you regarding this regrettable incidence. Please get in touch with me at (998) 865-1078 or via my email address annamayl@gmail.comSincerely,

Annalise Leston

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