Performance Measurement and Improvement, Free Essay in Management

Published: 2022-04-19
Performance Measurement and Improvement, Free Essay in Management
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Performance measurement is the process of checking or evaluating a company from different angles to check how they are performing in their field. It is also measurement and assessment of the different aspects of a process of entire operation. Through history, organizations have continuously measured performance mostly through the financial performance. That is whether they are making profit or loss. This traditional performance measurement, based on cost accounting information gives little to maintain companies on their quality journey as they do not in any way check the performance of an organization as seen by their clientele and neither do they think about organization's performance. Performance measurement can be defined as the process of quantifying action, and measurement is the process of quantification. The performance of the operation is assumed to be as a result of actions taken by management (Holze &Yang20). This paper focuses on operations Management in general as well as performance measurement in specific. St.Pancras Renaissance Hotel London is the model company that I will use to explain performance measurement and improvement.

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Performance measurement entails three critical issues; factors to include as performance measures, the most important performance measures, and detailed measures to use. Results oriented management considers the performance measurement not just as a reflection of past performance, however as a tool to support decision-making procedure.(Gunasekaran et al. 40 ) Today in a successful, quality organization, performance measures through improvements seen by customer also by the results delivered to other stakeholders, for example, the shareholders. Some of the tools used in measuring performance are Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility, and Cost. The will inform whether an organization is meeting objectives or not.

St Pancreas Renaissance Hotel London, through a relentless focus on providing high-quality services, offers free Wi-Fi a rooftop terrace and valet parking. It provides five-star accommodation with air-conditioned rooms. The hotel has a fitness centre with a swimming pool. The in-house day spa offers a variety of facial and body treatments. The Hotel is efficient on time in that one can make a booking from a remote location through their website, and the responses are instant. The hotel is dependable in that since there is an effective communication channel through their website.

Their online bookings are flexible as one can book from any part of the world. On cost-effectiveness, there are a number of services offered in addition to what one pays for and therefore on the part of the customer satisfaction is guaranteed to a large extent.( Neely et al. 1234) One of the major factors in quality measurement is to assess the level of complaints. There are numerous sources to verify the customer's complaints. Different businesses use different our research found that the hotel is not adequately flexible to provide an answer to a diversity of queries. Slight issues are discussed with supervisors or given to others. This causes dissatisfaction and shows inflexibility. The client assistants are not equipped with the information that's why they depend on their seniors to get feedback.

Analysis has pointed a problem in their client services. It is diagnosed that the problem doesn't exist directly in the client services but in their operations. The statement arrived at as diagnosed above is based on detailed analysis by utilizing the performance tool in the early section. Research has established that the cause of the problem exists in operation management for the reason that the bookings are mainly online which is purely an operation based decision as the service layout is wrongly designed ( Susilawati et al. 55). Due to the high cost of labour, most of the customer services staff is hired locally bringing in limitation in diversity. St Pancreas Renaissance Hotel London serves hundreds of customers in UK market and the globe every day. Furthermore, it is found that many other problems linked to this decision.

It is recommended that St Pancreas Renaissance Hotel London should realize the customers' concern and they should change their hiring strategy to bring about inclusivity and embrace diversity.

In conclusion, based on a detailed analysis where all factors are analyzed and found that to improve quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and reduce cost the hiring strategy should be evaluated to bring in inclusivity and embrace diversity. And British people should be hired alongside others. This reduces the customer's complaints concerning language barriers but also improve quality and satisfaction. Qualified employees with improved communication will increase the pace of handling calls which will eventually reduce the cost and also reduce waiting calls time.

St Pancreas Renaissance Hotel London services are tailored for the British people because of the cost-effectiveness. They have seen one side of the picture but have ignored the other side. My calculations show that if one client is displeased, it can distract 100s of customers. St Pancreas Renaissance Hotel London satisfies one customer it means he is saving hundreds of customers which is cost-effectiveness. Another method of cost-reduction can be well thought-out by employing well-trained staff who can satisfy three times more customers as compared to less qualified staff. St Pancreas Renaissance Hotel London is operating to serve people from different parts of the world. Through research has also realized that people living in other parts of the world are not very familiar with the cultural values of Britain, this is also one of the reasons which result in communication gaps when dealing with totally different cultural background customers.

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