Rhetorical Strategies in Free Essay

Published: 2017-10-31
Rhetorical Strategies in Free Essay
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The author has included Rhetorical strategies in his work to write his article. The rhetorical strategies include description, illustration, and comparison. In his work he has used description as a relatable tool to ensure that the reader has full understanding if what he is talking about. Descriptions like how the adolescent children react to anger and aggressiveness due to stresses caused by divorce of parents.

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Illustration is also one of the rhetorical strategies used where the author showcases the different aspects and perspectives of divorce impact on children using illustrative points to support his argument. This shows a level of articulation to the topic at hand and also provides evidence to the reader to ensure credibility.

Comparison between the adolescent and the children in the way they are affected by divorce also helps the author argues most of his cases with two different dimensions. It means that the article has more information and has a lot of dynamics to its arguments. It broadens the scope to the topic.

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