Essay Sample on the Roles of a School Principal

Published: 2022-05-05
Essay Sample on the Roles of a School Principal
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Psychologist Teacher Philosopher Facilities Manager

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*My principal was a psychologist to my students who received a failing grade because of their behavior. They felt as if I could neither solve the issue nor understand why they were being reprimanded for their actions. My principal noticed the students and helped them understand and resolve the issue.

*My principal took the role of a teacher to guide me when I was in teaching year one and when I needed help in organizing my classroom. I was frustrated because I couldn't seem to find my groove. He advised me on how to manage and handle my class. *My principal was a philosopher back in the days when I was a first-year teacher. He strengthened, articulated and defined the beliefs and values of the school to ensure it stood out from other schools. *My principal was a facilities manager during hurricane Irma. The rain and wind destroyed our school. A week before, we had to come back to school and do the cleaning and dusting around. We found the principal outside doing the painting like the rest.

Police Officer Diplomat Social Worker PR Director

*My principal acted as a police officer whenever there was an altercation. He steps right in and finds a way to defuse and find positivity in the situation. I love how he isn't so quick to suspend students. *My principal oozes Renaissance Charter Schools USA every day. He makes sure that the school needs are always met and is constantly battling with FLDOE for a raise.

*At my school, my principal is constantly dealing with immigration, and social worker type of issues. Our school doesn't have all privileged children, so we end up getting kids from all walks of life. Most of our children either deal with abuse or come across violence in the homes. Our Principal seems to always make a way out of no way for this kids. I also saw him relocating some families. * A good example of my principal as a PR director is when we do our trunk or treat festival. He usually goes out into the community to promote and invite students to our school. He sends letters and makes phone calls daily to give directions in various activities carried out in our school.

Mentor Coach Cheerleader Other if Applicable

*My principal holds a first-year mentor program that he runs because he feels that we require first-hand training. I enjoy this because it sheds light on how to handle ourselves and interact with others. Other than that the mentorship program gives us direction on how to manage our classes.

*My principal is a coach and a cheerleader. All in all, he will guide us through our darkest time such as trials in the classroom. At times he has been tough on me from a coaching standpoint. He is also my biggest cheerleader when my students are succeeding and getting a lesson.

The primary object of the article was to allow educators, students, and parents to understand that the role of a principal comes with many shoes to fill. I thought that I wanted to be a principal, but after reading the article, I started to reconsider. The role of a principal had changed tremendously from when I was in school. For example, when I was in school, I didn't know who my principal was. The only time we ever saw him was outside of his office, in a pep rally and the lunchroom. I never had a connection with my principal, and I am beginning to think he probably wouldn't recognize me if he sees me today. The principal now has to be more active and present in their students' school life because just sitting in an office all day and signing papers don't mean they are doing your job. I could come to work every day as an educator and give book work, but that doesn't mean I would be teaching.

When I look at my principal today, he shows not only his staff but parents and children what it means to be a leader. He greets each one of the students every day as they pass through the building. He randomly provides the student with breakfast just because it's the 12th or on a Monday. He keeps his office door open so that students can go to him if there is a misunderstanding between them and me in my classroom. His open door policy does bother me because it seems as if the students have the upper hand. For example, my student "Johnny" was talking, laughing and singing during class time that he missed my instruction for an assignment. Once it was time for "Johnny" to turn in his work, it was incomplete. I am the type of teacher who notifies parents once their children obtain unsatisfying grades. "Johnny" knowing this rule, he immediately became enraged, and therefore, he screamed, cursed me, and even punched the wall before deciding to go to our principal to report me. This particular situation bothered me because I knew I had done nothing wrong. The student was, later on, punished though I had that fear "what if the principal takes the student's side against mine."

I can genuinely say that leadership has changed for the better. I learned that children tend to work for those they like. In case they don't want or know you, you cannot expect them to respect you or follow the rules that you set for your school. My students have a great relationship with their principal and parents as well. This makes my job as an educator to be more relaxed because the students respect their principal and they would not do anything that will upset him. If in future I become a Principal, I plan to be as interactive with my faculty and student body as much as my Principal was. Through the leadership skills that he portrayed, our school moved from a C school to an A school in one year.

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