Essay Sample on Wallier Specialty Items: The Tale of Adaptation & Success

Published: 2023-06-30
Essay Sample on Wallier Specialty Items: The Tale of Adaptation & Success
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For every successful story, there is a tale of persistence revision, change, and adaptation. Wallier Specialty Items, Inc. is an organization that underwent various changes after the business began performing extraordinarily. The sales of the business doubled, and everything was doing well on the business side expect that some challenges were identified. Firstly, the resources were getting strained due to the increased production of goods, the organization's customers began complaining of the poor call services and also for the employees to be able to attain the daily target which as per now had raised with the increased demand of goods, had to work for longer hours. As a result of longer working hours, employee turnovers and absenteeism began to get experienced. However, the main issue in the organization comes in when the leaders fail to understand their employees.

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Why Study Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior, OB involves the study of employee's behavior in an organization. Studying OB helps a leader have a clear understanding of the employees in terms of what makes them various decisions, what motivates them, and what makes them to be productive or not (Bass, 1960). A significant issue of the Wallier Specialty Items, Inc. seems to be the fact that despite the change in the working environment, the leaders fail to have an understanding of their employees. For instance, Karen Trikowski, a manager of one department, complain of a change of behavior of the employees. Knowledge of the OB can aid the leaders to be able to create a motivated and creative environment. With that in place, the management team will not have to complain about their employees again. At times all employees need is an understanding leader who minds about their welfare and wellbeing and a pleasant working environment. When they get provided with it, everything goes on as usual, and cases of turnovers and absenteeism will not have to get reported. The behavior of individuals in an organization affects their performance significantly (Hersey et al., 2007). When workers are overworked, made to work for longer hours with no increment in salary may discourage workers from performing their duties promptly. Leaders should learn how to deal with their workers by being understanding and not judging them wrongly. By doing so, the employees get motivated to do their best to achieve the organization's objectives.

Job Satisfaction and Motivation

Job satisfaction is when everyone enjoys what they do, for instance, in the case of the Wallier Specialty Items Inc. Karen seems not satisfied with what he was doing since his work was only to instruct the employees to perform tasks without him getting his hands dirty. As a good leader, one must be willing to assist whenever the workload is too much, and by doing so, one gets to enjoy the work more instead of complaining now and then. Pat Wong is an excellent example of a leader where he assists his employees whenever the workload is too much. As a result, however, Wong gets to enjoy what he does, and his employees get to respect him and obey him. Wong is a caring leader who chooses to listen to his employees. However, employees get motivated when their leader get to humble themselves to their level. When an employee notices that the leader is mindful about their wellbeing, they get motivated and work hard to make sure they do not disappoint them. A pleasant working environment also creates satisfaction on employees, and they get free to share ideas that they may have to improve the organization. Employees are motivated to explore their talents when they have freedom; being too strict on them makes them ignorant, and they tend to look for any reason to be away from the job since they get to feel dissatisfied with their job.

Ethical Dilemma

Ethical dilemma refers to having problems with the decision making process. In an ethical dilemma, a choice gets needed to get made between options. There is an ethical dilemma in Wallier Specialty Items Inc., where the employees get overworked and get made to work for long hours due to the increased demand for goods. The organization is in a dilemma of whether to higher more workers, whether to add more facilities or whether to improve on the technology, which will be more efficient than humans.

Hiring more employees would mean that they spend and invest more money in the hiring process and training new workers. But unless they make changes on their existing management team by teaching them excellent leadership skills, that would be a waste of resources. It is so because the new employees will get to meet with the old ones and will get passed the information of how they are being harassed and overworked. The idea of investing in technology would be a good idea since the machines are more efficient than humans and get to work for longer hours without getting tired. The work of a machine is more efficient thus would advocate they invest in advancing their technology instead.


In conclusion, it is evident from the case study above that leadership is a vital role that can create or destroy an organization. Leaders should be people who can understand and motivate employees to perform their tasks well, but when misused can bring down an organization. Technology is vital for a growing organization since machines are more efficient than humans.


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