Essay Sample on Christian Science

Published: 2023-01-29
Essay Sample on Christian Science
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Christian Science refers to a set of beliefs which belong to the supernatural family which is of the new religious movement. Mary Baker Eddy developed Christian Science. She describes Christian Science as a return to primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing. Adherents believe that reality is spiritual, and the material world is an illusion. This paper will discuss the life experience of Christian Science members.

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Christian Science is a science because god is understood to have the love that is unchanging .it gives an explanation of the spiritual laws of love which enabled Jesus Christ to heal the sick and sin. Christian Science offers answers to an essential question about reality, eternal life, and evil. These religion claims to be a church built on a Christian foundation which spreads the bible and evangelical hymns instead if they happen to read something in their book " health and science" which is contrary to the Scripture it supersedes it automatically.

Followers of this religion have individual believes which differ with other Christians .for instance, they view disease as a mental error and not a physical disorder, the sick people should not be treated through medication but through praying which seeks to cores the beliefs responsible for the illusion of ill well-being. Medical care is not avoided by the adherents but usually visit optometric, dentists, obstetricians and vaccination which are issued out according to the new while maintaining their religion believes that prayer s more effective whenever it is not combined with medicine. The theology of Christian Science is different from traditional Christianity in several instances. According to Eddy, the concepts are the divinity of Jesus, resurrection, atonement, and trinity.

She views that there is no existence of evil, but an evil thought such as malicious animal magnetism can lead to harm even when the destruction is not outward. Christian Science theology viewed god as all-in-all but not as a person. The people who read her book on science and health said that they were healed their curses, blindness, and curse.

Mary Baker Eddy was asked whether the followers had a religious cred and she said they do not have it if that means beliefs of the doctrines. She outlined a few tenets which are a summary of essential elements of Christian Science, which has its background in the holy book. According to her, they take the inspired word of the bible, which is their sufficient guide for the acquisition of eternal life (Gottschalk, 1978). Secondly, the adherents acknowledge that Jesus crucifixion and resurrection served as an uplift of faith for understanding eternal life. Also, she claimed that they solemnly had made a promise of watching and praying for that mind to be in them which was in Jesus Christ, doing unto others what they would like to be done to them plus being pure, just and merciful.

Followers of this religion believe women can be able to become pregnant through a supreme effort of their minds, and a man is not needed for procreation. Also, they claim their healing from Christian Science; this is done by denying the illness itself for instance whenever a person is sick all that he or she has to do is saying "I am not sick, I do not have ulcers or diabetes." The claiming is talking loud to oneself and not a form of prayer. Christian Science declares that prayer to a personal God is a hindrance. They believe death does not exist; hence, Jesus never died but only had a thought that he died. Similarly, they have a belief that Satan did not tempt Jesus Christ in the wilderness, but Eddy posits that Jesus Christ was tempted by his ideas, which were false which were in his mind.

According to the beliefs of Christian Science, humans are exposed to the laws of matter only whenever they have an idea that they are real (Eddy, 2018). For instance, the matrix neo could bend the spoon mentally through realizing there is no vessel. So this religion teaches that individuals have the power of healing themselves spiritually through understanding that illness has no existence.

According to Christian Science, the common materialist understanding of the universe and human beings delivers a false sense of reality, which is an outcome of the insufficiency of perception of man. Eddy claims that traditional belief of Christians that God created matter is a fallacy which concludes that God is accountable for misery in the world and the resurrection of the flesh is what makes up salvation.

I was much moved by the issue of their belief about healing, and I had to inquire from one of the adherers of the Christian Science about the whole concept, the response was shocking. The respondent claimed that the unwillingness of various Christian Science guardians of seeking help from medical practitioners for their sick children has resulted in unnecessary deaths which are painful .also, an increase in legal action has become burdensome to the church and the followers. I also inquired about the process of becoming a member of this church; the process is simple and free; it just needs to signatures of two members of the church. The religion is inherited which, whenever inherited, comes with secrets of the family. It teaches and encourages secrecy.

Some aspects make Christian Science unique from other Christians. Firstly, the church does not ordain pastors because each person has a divine characteristic; there is no need for appointing leadership. A person may tend to ask, and who reads the bible and their book, a member is elected by members of the church as the first reader who reads from the science and health book while the second reader who is not elected but appointed shares bible passages following the guidelines of the church's website.

Secondly, to the followers, salvation is a process that occurs every day. In other doctrines, salvation entails sanctification of the soul for guaranteeing an individual ascent to heaven while for Christian scientists salvation is an everyday process which prime aim is the preserve of inner good by actions a person performs daily. They seek reformation instead of pardon for sins.

In conclusion, Christian Science was discovered by Mary Baker Eddy, who gives it a definition as the law of god, the law of good. When she had a critical injury in 1866, she read accounts of Christ, powerful healings a new sense of spirit and God, which was the only reality flooding her mind, and she was healed. The church has no clergy instead depends on the bible and science health as an impersonal pastor who provides guidance and inspirations. Eddy viewed sickness as a mental error and claimed that whenever people read her book "science and health," they become healed. Not seeking medical attention has resulted in the deaths of people. The church has no clergy, baptism, marriage or burials.

There are several differences in the beliefs of Christians and the Christian Science doctrines. This religion believes that there is no sin, sickness, and death; all these are just illusions. Secondly, their god is not a personal god who is acknowledged in the bible because according to them everything is god and god is good thus death, sickness and sin do not exist because they are illusions. Also, according to them, the whole universe is a falsehood; therefore, it is an illusion. Lastly, they have a belief that women can become pregnant through a supreme effort of their minds, and no man is required for reproduction. This religion continues to raise different opinions some people claiming it is a cult while others oppose this idea and request it is a Christian religion, like any other located in the United State of America.


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