True Love Definition Essay Samples

Published: 2018-03-16
True Love Definition Essay Samples
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What is the definition of love

I believe that love has no boundaries. To support my claim, I will base my argument on Coraghessan’s article "The Love of My Life." True love is based on teamwork and that’s exactly what the two partners practiced. China and Jeremy did everything together by incorporating both cooperation and coordination in all kinds of activities that linked them together. The intensity of love seemed so high that the two shared or partnered in different activities that benefited both sides of the relationship. China assisted Jeremy’s parents at their home with different chores and Jeremy also did the same. The two loved each other because of the deep mutual respect that is revealed in the relationship. The high opinion for each other is the most imperative factor to uphold true love in a relationship. It develops efficiently from giving each other as much as necessary space for individual growth and by no means crossing the line irrespective of any other factor. The respect could be expressed even at the arraignment and they understood each other irrespective of the tragedy. Out of the deep respect came the trust that is considered basic in a love relationship. Love as a human feeling implies the absence of fear between couples. Normally the deep emotion that arises out of love directs each other to some form of appreciation and humility. China really appreciated Jeremy and the level of humility was high between the two. Some couples usually keep blames and hold responsibility to their partners whenever there is a problem. In this case the lack of blames between Jeremy and China even in the scenario of the prison moment when Jeremy was caught by the police showed some form of trust. The attachment of affection remained strong. However it reached a point on the side of Jeremy where the emotions were torn apart. He told himself to deny the case and the statement kept on refreshing in his mind. Jeremy must have been confused on what to do and the final conclusion he made was to deny it all. The level of confusion was high and when he was asked who China Berkowitz was the confusion when higher. In the courtroom Jeremy stared at China directly and she seemed to matter more than anything in the world. His mind was revolving around feelings of affection as they exchanged glances of emotions of love. Even at the point of reading the charges by the judge China still sent him a note of love. The expression was deep and the confession was clear. She said it in the note how she will love him irrespective of the circumstances that seemed to draw them apart. In relation to the final words that Jeremy told China it was clear and obvious that the action he made was an agreement between the two. It was not a personal choice but Jeremy was directed by China to get rid of it. He simply complied and did it. While in the prison he thought about it all and complied with himself. It was an action between China and him out of love. They had done it together and he kept telling them his innocence.

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Work Cited

Boyle T. Coraghessan. \"The Love of My Life.\" New Yorker-New Yorker Magazine Incorporated- (2000): 78-87.

Definition of true love

Love is a feeling that is craved by not just the human beings but every one present on the planet earth. Anyone who can sense a feeling understand the importance of the feeling of love in their life. It is many a times associated with adjectives like blind, extreme, knows no boundaries, etc. Different people have different definition for love and this basically developed with the way they got affected by love.

In my opinion, love, when happens truly and purely it leaves all boundaries behind. There are times when a person take affection as love, but when practicality strikes him or her things fall apart and then love lost or say affection falls apart. But this doesn't happen when a person is in love. In love people are ready to fight all challenges just because they want to live together and make memories together. In this process duration doesn't matter but moment spent together matters. This I can say because I have experienced such true love that shown me how one need just a moment together and for that one can go to any heights.

My neighbors is an elderly couple who shifted next to my house just a couple of years ago. Just like any good neighbor, my mom tried to welcome the elderly couple and sent a bowl of sweet kheer for them. I was given the task to do so. Entering the house which was not even organized completely the warmth was present. I could see how fondly they both were looking at each other. I could not help but smiled on the oozing love that I felt in the house. Next, the elderly lady came with a delicious chocolate mouse to return our bowl and then she introduced herself as Mrs. Kumar. She was a teacher and shifted with her husband of two weeks old. Yes!! they got married just two weeks back. Mrs. Kumar told us that she met Mr. Kumar when he use to come to pick and drop his grand daughter in school. Both were widow and became friends. Slowly and steadily their friendship turned into love. When they decided to get married, their kids objected. Now settled in their life they have nothing to do with their parents. But what the society will say about this marriage was more a concern for both of them's children. Knowing the feeling they both carry for each other they decided to leave their respected house and stay in another city to marry each other. 65 years old Mr. Kumar married 60 years old Mrs. Kumar in court and here they were looking forward to a blissful years of love and togetherness.

Love is something that gives strength to the couple to go against the society and get what they want. Here also happened the same. The age, society, kids, and other norms that proves to act as a hurdle in the path of love was all left behind when it comes to true love. I am glad to see that now they both are happy together, and yes Love has no boundaries!

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