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Published: 2018-02-16 16:44:40
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How to request a promotion at work

In every workplace, getting a promotion is one of the biggest motivating factors that drive people to improve their productivity. Additionally, they exist other reasons that employees have to keep on trying their level best to get success. In any company, workers always strive to apply their best abilities in order to succeed in the ever aggressive workplace, nevertheless, the primary key of being promoted is to let the employees reach and catch better opportunity to challenge themselves. Therefore, the people who are promoted are the ones who get themselves into companies where opportunity open up, make sure they are prepared for those opportunities, and make sure their managers know they want more conscientiousness.

Moreover, most of the people go to work to earn money in order to meet their personal needs and more so other family requirements. Therefore getting the promotion means they have a chance to earn more money, to have much more than enough. On the other hand, for some of the others, they go to work to satisfy their dreams, to improve their skills, and to learn newer experiences, thus getting the promotion is a good step to let them do the things that they want to see. These reasons are efforts that make human always strive to their best trying to gain the promotion. This also means people always have more household tasks for the job they do. However, the getting endorsement is always the best and happiest news to all of the workforces.

There are many other factors that influence people to work hard such as transportation, house, relationship, love, and in particular, luck is gained thirty percent in a road to get an achievement. There is a story about the French emperor Napoleon said to one of his generators “I know he is good, but is he lucky?" Luck means here people catch opportunities at the right time, use these skills in the right places(John Boe,2017). Opportunities very often depend on luck, but it does not explain the success comes totally from luck, work hard can invite luck. Life is not rosy. If each person does not work hard to get success, they only lose an encounter. Nothing can replace the work hard and when people are working hard at the same time, they are preparing themselves more opportunities knock on their doors.

In conclusion, the getting promotion is a good step to enhance the quality of peoples' lives. We should set a goal and try our best abilities to gain it. The getting promotion is a good purpose and a bright challenge and in life, these challenges create some enjoyable things. Additionally, being promoted helps one in enhancing the sense of self-actualization thus improving one self-esteem.  It also helps in creating a healthy competition working environment among the employees, thus increasing the productivity of the entire company. However, different measures ought to be put in place that guides the way these promotions are accredited to the different worker. This is mainly to avoid conflicts among the staff members whenever certain employees are promoted. By doing so, will ensure that the right people are promoted without interfering with the relationship between the employees.


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