Promotion At Work Essay Example

Published: 2018-02-16
Promotion At Work Essay Example
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How to Request a Promotion at Work

In every workplace, getting a promotion is one of the biggest motivating factors that drive people to improve productivity. Additionally, there exist other reasons that employees have to keep on trying their level best to get success. In any company, workers always strive to apply their best abilities to succeed in the ever aggressive workplace; nevertheless, the primary key to being promoted is to let the employees reach and catch better opportunities to challenge themselves. Therefore, the promoted people get themselves into companies where opportunities open up, make sure they are prepared for those opportunities, and ensure their managers know they want more conscientiousness.

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Moreover, most people go to work to earn money to meet their personal needs and other family requirements. Therefore getting the promotion means they have a chance to earn more money, to have much more than enough. On the other hand, some others go to work to satisfy their dreams, improve their skills, and learn newer experiences, thus getting a promotion is a good step to let them do the things they want to see. These reasons are efforts that make humans always strive for their best, trying to gain the promotion. It also means people always have more household tasks for their job. However, getting an endorsement is always the best and happiest news for all the workforce.

Many other factors influence people to work hard, such as transportation, house, relationship, love, and luck, which gained thirty percent on the road to achievement. There is a story about the French emperor Napoleon saying to one of his generals, "I know he is good, but is he lucky?" Luck means people catch opportunities at the right time and use these skills in the right places(John Boe,2017). Opportunities often depend on luck, but it does not explain that success comes totally from luck, working hard can invite luck. Life is not rosy. If each person does not work hard to get success, they only lose an encounter. Nothing can replace working hard, and when people are working hard simultaneously, they are preparing themselves for more opportunities to knock on their doors.

In conclusion, getting a promotion is a good step toward enhancing the quality of people's lives. We should set a goal and try our best to achieve it. Getting a promotion is a good purpose and a bright challenge, and in life, these challenges create some enjoyable things. Additionally, being promoted helps one enhance the sense of self-actualization, thus improving one's self-esteem. It also helps create a healthy, competitive working environment among the employees, thus increasing the entire company's productivity. However, different measures should be implemented to guide how these promotions are accredited to the different workers. So this is mainly to avoid conflicts among the staff members whenever certain employees are promoted. Doing so will ensure that the right people are promoted without interfering with the relationship between the employees.

Start an Informal Dialogue About Your Progress

Many psychologists advise you to start talking about a pay rise or promotion without clear demands. Usually, employees should start an informal dialogue about their progress over a certain period. Listing the achievements and benefits that the company has received will help create a springboard for the next phase of the dialogue. Usually, people should focus on all the key changes related. This strategy allows you to give an informal message to your boss that a good employee like you is very important for the company, and a salary increase will keep you motivated.

Know Your Numbers

Usually, people decide to ask for a promotion when they know how useful they have been to the company. Let's say you attracted investors, and your boss was able to make good money. Then you should start the dialogue with something like, "Good morning, boss. I'm glad that yesterday's deal brought the company more than a million dollars in net profit. So this is something of personal achievement, and I'm very happy that we can move on. I'm even ready for a new phase of finding clients, especially if you can motivate me." When experienced employees help the company make money, promotion discussions do not take much time.

Employees Need to Be Confident

Confidence is a necessary quality for any successful employee. The head of the company or the personnel department is not ready to lose money. If you want an increase in your salary, you should ask for it confidently. Give arguments and describe why promotion will allow you to work more efficiently. As a rule, companies agree to such requests, especially if employees give solid arguments. But confidence and clear reasoning are essential. Sometimes company leaders rely on intuition and refuse employees due to a lack of perseverance.

When Is the Right Time to Ask for a Promotion?

Usually, employees should carefully choose the time to ask for a raise or any bonuses. Choose a day when all the reports are turned in, and your boss is not busy with important negotiations. As a rule, employees should pay attention to managers' mood and favor. It makes no sense to talk about any bonuses if your boss is busy or annoyed by some situation at work. Proper timing is crucial, and every person should know about it. Sometimes holidays and birthdays are the easiest excuse to talk about money. Dialogue with the boss will not be uncomfortable if you sit in the office and eat cake. And try not to be too intrusive, especially if your boss tries to talk about something else. Don't push your promotion too aggressively.

Don't Assume That Asking for a Promotion Is a One-And-Done Discussion!

Some people mistakenly believe that one dialogue with the boss is enough to agree on something. Let's say you asked for a promotion and were denied. You're probably upset, but that's not the end of the story. It usually takes at least two conversations a week apart to negotiate your career changes. At the same time, any employee must understand that a positive verdict is also not the final stage.

You should remind your boss that you asked for a promotion a day or two later. Either way, you should be assertive but keep your distance, so you don't look rude. Usually, company employees should look at the sappers' strategy when deactivating bombs. Try to be careful and don't get too close to not provoke an explosion. This strategy is most appropriate, especially if your boss doesn't like to talk about promotions.


There are many ways to achieve promotion. Each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. But any employee should know that the path to the goal is not easy. Moreover, many company executives are willing to discuss the motivation of employees only for a long period. That is why you should not count on Blitzkrieg and the immediate satisfaction of your needs. Usually, all financial changes happen gradually, especially if your performance indicators are low. However, valuable employees can count on privileges. You can expect a successful promotion with the right approach within a week or two.


John Boe, D. M. (2017). Teachers on the Edge: The WOE Interviews, 1989–2017. Taylor & Francis.

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