Free Essay: Enhancing Orkila Company on Social Media and Internet

Published: 2019-05-16
Free Essay: Enhancing Orkila Company on Social Media and Internet
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Orkila Company is a large distributor of chemical products, Tyre and rubber, oilfield and metal treatments, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and animal feeds among others in the Middle East and African markets. The company distributes its product via many industries within Africa and Middle East. However, the Internet and social media have become a key component in todays businesses being the key tools in marketing, advertising, on-line trade, communication and a reliable source of information. The paper ought to examine the operation model of Orkila company ltd and establish ways in which the company can be enhanced and improved via the social media and internet.

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The social media and the internet are among the best and quickest marketing strategies available in the ready market today. When a social network is created among the people who share common interest, it becomes easier to influence and make proposals to them, for example, the company should open twitter and a Facebook accounts. Through the twitter and Facebook, all customers will be able to pose their queries and responses regarding the product. It becomes the communication site between the company and the customers. The company should cater for:

Communication and feedback: Ensure to respond to customer and staff comments to enhance communication in the company.

Be prompt to negative feedback. When clients complain in a social site it is good to respond to them promptly. This creates more enthusiastic clients due to good customer service via the twitter.

Keep watch on the competition trend: through twitter or Facebook, it is possible to monitor the rate at which the competitors blog and then increase the company blogging rates. That creates more customers and en hence trade via customer increase.

The other measure regards online marketing. In on-line marketing, clients are able to interact with flexible platforms for example, Open source business software(Oro), where they can communicate freely allowing any type of commutation, may be teleconferencing or video-conferencing through the internet. The company should establish this type of flexible software for its clients and staff. In addition, since Orkila Company is covering large geographical location it should think of online buying and selling from any place and any time regardless of the country via the internet. The social media is quite informative and this paves a way for the company to create awareness and establish trade to new countries even in East Africa.

Orkila should be focused enough and post its entire products with description and where they are best applied for better understanding and application of products. As far as the social media is concerned, the company is supposed use the local radio stations that aid the customers to understand more about their products in their local languages, especially the illiterate.

In conclusion, in business, the social media and internet is the key to enhancements and developments. Technology has taken the lead in todays business, thus, Orkila Company should not be left behind to make these improvements. Nevertheless, flexible platforms are the key to all successful company or cooperation.

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